Why does the keyword END is not accepted at the end of a stored proc ?

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IBM iSeries
Hey guys,  I have thise error in SQL stored proc.  I'm on ISERIES and I use RUNSQLSTM to very my procedure. could you help ?  It's seem I can't put a END at the end! ---------------------     160            AND DUDGCT = CDCODE                                              161            AND SUBSTRING(CDCEL3,1,4) = (                                    162      SELECT CLSTHE FROM LIDCOS/IHCCLASS WHERE TYPREG = TYPE_REG AND         163                                   CLSTHE = SUBSTRING(CDCEL3,1,4)));         164 END;                                                                                                     * * * * *  E N D  O F  S O U R C E  * * * * * SQL0204  20       1  Position 1 IHC111S in LIDCOS type *N not found.            5722SS1 V5R4M0 060210               Run SQL Statements             IHC111S      Record  *...+... 1 ...+... 2 ...+... 3 ...+... 4 ...+... 5 ...+... 6 ...+... 7 SQL0104  30     164  Position 4 Token ; was not valid. Valid tokens: CASE.      SQL7961   0          Rollback completed.                                                            Message Summary                                               Total     Info   Warning      Error   Severe  Terminal                              3        1         0          1        1         0                        30 level severity errors found in source            

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The message is saying that the semi-colon was encountered where one wasn’t expected. It goes on to say that CASE should be the token that would be after END under the circumstances.

I suspect that the full source member is not actually a CREATE PROCEDURE operation. If it’s instead a basic SQL statement, then it’s not a “procedure” at all. It’s just a statement (or series of statements delimited by “;”) to be executed.

If you are attempting to create a stored procedure with a CREATE PROCEDURE statement, then it would also be possible to have a BEGIN/END block where the END statement could be followed by the label of the BEGIN statement.

Nornally, if there is no BEGIN statement used in a stored procedure, there is no use for an END statement.


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