Why does Internet Explorer 9 crash on certain web pages?

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I recently upgraded from Internet Explorer 8 to 9 on a Dell Vostro 230 desktop but the new browser crashes on certain sites (eg. MSN.com, Yahoo.com and some others). The error message reads "Internet Exploer has stopped working ...A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.  Close program." Upon closing the page the message is loops a couple times then displays "We were unable to return you to page name (i.e. msn.com, yahoo.com, etc.). Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem. What you can do: Go to your home page Try to return to yahoo.com More information" None of the above "what you can do" instructions solves the problem. I get similar problems when I install Internet Explorer on a Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook.

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Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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There was a similar issue when IE8 was released. One of the best ways to rectify this was to uninstall all IE browsers, reboot and reinstall IE9 fresh.

From Rechil….
Click Start and type iexplorer.exe -extoff in start search box and press enter key. It opens IE in No Add-ons mode. Check if the crashes or performance issues over while on this mode. If there are no issues when using this mode, it is better to use add-on manager to disable all unwanted add-ons.
using Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click Start and type inetcpl.cpl in start search box, and press enter key. It opens Internet Options and click Advanced tab > Under Reset Internet Explorer settings > click Reset twice. When it finishing the settings, close this and start IE again and see if the problems are over!
NOTE: Running this settings will reset all user-defined settings including those set by installed extensions, tool bars and other add-ons to IE Defaults including all Security, Privacy and Zone settings.
If the above two could (try one by one) not resolve ur problems, then I am guessing it could be the compatibility issue with ur graphics card. If this happened, try out this….
Click Start and type inetcpl.cpl in start search box, and then press enter key.
In Internet Options > click Advanced tab and look for Accelerated Graphics,
click on check box that just next to Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering and make sure it is marked as checked, and click OK. Now close and start IE again.
Providing that recommendations from Microsoft.

Hope it will pull out from your problems, if not go for FireFox Browser!


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  • carlosdl
    I would also recommend uninstalling any add-on, plug-in, toolbar, etc from the current IE installation before installing IE 9.
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  • jinteik
    or use back ie 8
    18,995 pointsBadges:
  • Sixball
    Good Point Carlos..
    8,705 pointsBadges:
  • Jibin
    I second Rechil .... :)
    405 pointsBadges:
  • Winstorm
    Thanks Rechil and all other contributors, I uninstalled all IE browsers, rebooted and reinstalled IE9 afresh. I then restarted IE9 without Add-ons and gradually enabled the add-ons one by one, leaving Yahoo toolbar for last. Up to that stage, IE9 remained stable so I suspected perhaps Yahoo toolbar was the one causing IE9 to crash but I'm not 100% sure because I decided to reinstal it instead of simply re-adding it. I guess I didn't want to risk crashing IE9 again after having it work flawlessly up to this point. So add-ons seemed to be the issue in my case.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Winstorm, Simply avoid Yahoo add-ons / Toolbar ! and many many thanks for ur quick and healthy response.....
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  • TomLiotta
    Simply avoid Yahoo add-ons / Toolbar ! I'd considered adding the same comment a couple days ago due to all of my past experiences. But I've never learned why that software seems to be such a point of trouble, so wasn't comfortable that it was useful advice. However, since Rechil has brought it up, I'll add my agreement. The Yahoo! software is the first stuff that I will completely remove (not just disable) if I find it when friends or family have problems and request help. (It's not allowed in our office settings.) It has invariably improved the performance and stability of each machine. I don't doubt that the real problem involves some element of compatibility have some other unknown programming, so if anyone knows the true "problem", I'd sure be interested. Tom
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  • batye
    fresh install of IE 9 and remove all traceses of IE8 and IE7 and add's on's before installing IE9
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  • TennMan14
    That doesn't work.... Microsoft HATES YAHOO....Microsoft wants you to use Bing and there websits only for browseing. I'm currently useing (NO ADD ONS IN IE9. and it still crashes Yahoo. I don't have any Yahoo tool Bars or add ons.
    20 pointsBadges:
  • TennMan14
    Well Dame it crased while posting my last comment?????????
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  • TomLiotta
    I still don't know what it is about Yahoo. I've simply avoided anything with "Yahoo" in its name and any Yahoo site for years. I also don't install any secondary "toolbars" from any provider. I've never seen any use for them. Native browser toolbars are more than sufficient. -- Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    BTW, I also don't use IE unless a needed site requires it -- like when posting more than a couple sentences here at ITKE which for some unfathomable reason only supports IE for simple things like paragraph breaks. -- Tom
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