Why a program works in debug mode, but doesn’t work at run time?

I modified program(A) that calls another program(B)to generate a spool file. When I debug (STRDBG)program(A) and break right before the call, it works. But when I got out and end the debug mode and try to run that same program(A), no spool was generated. Then, I bebug only the called program(B)and call program(A). It breaks at program(B) and a spool file was generated, so I know the call in program(A) works. However it doesn't work outside of debug mode. These programs are in ILE and I'm on V5R3.

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While you are in debug check your library list. Make sure there are no ‘other’ versions of your programs in other libraries and make sure your files are all coming from where they should. Then do the same when you end debug.

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  • AskDave
    I don't know if the 2nd program displays a screen of any kind (or if the 1st pgm does for that matter). But I've experienced something similar when I forgot to use RSTDSP(*YES) on screen-1 and pgm 2 displays a window. Also, check your job for error messages (both ways) to see if that generates a clue to your problem. Dave
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  • Openanewdoor
    That's a wild question... As you know, in programming--Muphy's law takes place. It could be while in debug you a setting up parameters manually...or the libray list could be an issue...or maybe security. Hopfully you found your problem by time you see this message.
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  • TomLiotta
    There are numerous reasons a program might be successful in debug and fail otherwise. Consider the various commands and APIs that have kinds of WAIT() parameters. In debug, it can take a long time to go from one step to another -- a WAIT() timer might have plenty of time to fire. Or a database index build might have time in an intermediate step. Or...? Insert some simple messaging code at a few logical points to verify that those points get control in a standard environment. Don't use debug until you've narrowed things down to know what you want to look at rather than simply to go through entire programs. Tom
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