Who are project managers reporting up to?

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Do project managers in your enterprise report up to the CIO, or someone else? Any advice on making sure IT projects stay on track and actually take into interest what the rest of the company is looking for?

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In our organization, the project managers most often report to our CTO and/or our CEO.

Since the CTO and CEO always have the well being of the company in mind (or, since they’re supposed to), this fits well with the project managers.


In our company, project managers report to the CIO, and some times to the CEO directly, depending on the project.

The initial phases of the projects are key in making sure we stay aligned with the business objectives.


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  • Michael Morisy
    Thanks Ryan8613!
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  • DanD
    I''m in a fairly large corporation(1$1.2-1.7 billion per yr.) with a large IT staff and quite a few high priority IT projects. I don't think a CIO could be hands on with the project manager of all of them, much less the CEO. Most project managers report doted line to an application area manager and the PMO with their care and feeding done by one of the two Directors. As in a great many corporations their is lip service to CobiT which stresses alignment with the business, but CobiT is pretty vague and very loose still. American business has had a new process improvement cycle every few yrs for the 25 I've been in IT. THE ONLY process improvement method I ever saw make a real difference was the Deming Group, and they only lasted one year because the next CEO booted them out immediately. The Deming award is one of the highest awards in Japan, but US business has never given it a foot in the door. The Deming group will not become engaged with a company until all of the Executive Board goes through 40 hours of the process improvement process. It stresses that quality is always top down, and that process improvement comes only from a corporate system that stresses business alignment, risk management and measurable quality control for processes whether they are manufacturing processes or business processes. American Executive management refuses that level of accountability.
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  • Shilpa Venkateshwaran
    The PMO director reports to VP Product. This was a recent change from where they used to be reporting within the product development team. Now they are outside product development team and can hopefully remain neutral.
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