Which would be better SAP or Cisco certification for furture as well as pay

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Cisco certifications
SAP certifications
,I am on the verge of changing my career, i have finished my BE in mech and passed out in 2007 so which course would suit for a better tomorrow.

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It totally depends on your interest. If your interest lies in applications or network infrastructure. Both are excellent areas to have some knowledge and skills in. I have done both in my career and my interest has taken me down the network infrastructure path. So, you need to ask yourself, do you like working on applications or do you like working on the infrastructure that those applications run across?

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  • Pressler2904
    I'm going to go a bit off topic here, and please pardon me if I seem to get a bit agitated... <rant> Please Please Please do not go into the IT field if your object is to make as much money as possible!!! I can tell you from personal experience that there are many other professions which are (much) higher paying with shorter hours than any IT specialty I know of. There are too many people in this field who have been "tricked" or mislead into thinking that they will finish school and walk into a six figure (in USD - I'm in the USA) income. Don't get me wrong: you can make good money in IT, but you aren't going to get rich (with a few notable exceptions, of course). If you want to make the big bucks, go into Finance or Sales - the potential is unlimited. I know, because both Finance and Sales are previous career choices of mine, and i made a boatload more money then than I do now... If you really really really like the IT business, you would need (as LabNuke99 says) decide whether you are more of a Software or a Hardware kind of person (Applications or Infrastructure), but don't choose because someone tells you that you'll get rich... </rant> If as you state you are in the process of changing your career, and you had previously been in management of finance and do not like it, you probably don't want to go the SAP route, because, guess what, that's what you'll be working with....
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  • BrentSheets
    Srivis, you may wish to visit the Cisco Certification Guide and SAP Certification Guide for more information. You might also wish to browse the answers of our resident certification expert Ed Tittel to read similar certification questions and answers.
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  • boyapati
    how much cost of cisco certification in sap i completed M.B.A,M.COM i working accountant 1/2 year i interest the cisco certifiacation get job in MNC companys
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  • vasugarg
    I'm pursuing BCA (bachelor of computer application) 1st year. I want to know which course will best for me either sap or ethical hacking course. And also I want to know the best time to start these course means in which year. Should I start learning these courses?
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  • ToddN2000
    When deciding on a profession, pay is not everything. The same job can pay much more based on location. I have seen a position vary by as much as 20,000 from one state to another. Your company can control your salary with good raises and bonuses to those that do not provide either. What once was though of as a well paying job may not seem like it down the road. There are other professions once though of as a low class job that now pay more that most IT jobs. Jobs like plumbers and electricians make more than most programmers I know.  Pick a job you enjoy because the pay may not be there...
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