Which tape drives are most popular on iSeries?

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Hi, I'm trying to get my company to buy me a small i-series for home and I need to know which tape drives and which tapes are the most commonly used on smaller i-series. Most of our customers still use QIC 1/4" cartridges/drives, but what other options are commonly used? I don't want to get into tape libraries, etc, this is more for data exchange between smaller systems. Thanks in advance, Martin Gilbert.

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We commonly use LTO tape drives for small systems.

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  • slack400
    My vote is LTO. You can get a single drive that can be installed in most newer servers. But realistically if you're not dealing with huge amounts of data you can always save to save files, then use client access or FTP to copy down to your PC and burn to a DVD. I'm big on using my thumb drive and FTP to push save files around. I rarely have more than a couple of MB's to move around though.
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  • SBatSI
    My vote is for AIT tape drives. We have used AIT1, AIT2, and AIT3 drives for the past eight years or so, and they have been very cost-effective and reliable. My recommended source is GST Inc (www.gstinc.com). Hope this helps, Steve B
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  • WoodEngineer
    Our 520 has a 4685 tape drive which uses VXA tapes. Lots of capacity in a small package. Its been installed three years and been reliable. These look an awful lot like tapes from a video camera. Base capacity is 160Gb. The only downside is the limited number of time a tape can be used. IBM recommends something in the range of 30 - 50 times. My personal favorite is the MagStar line. Desktop versions are available on the used market. These hold a single cartridge so minimal hardware. This tape system was designed by IBM to be "near-line storage". The tape operation is by far the fastest of any I've used in my 30+ years on the S/38 - iSeries family. The only reason we moved away from the MagStar was capacity. I think you can get 40Gb on the basic unit. The more advanced models give double or quadruple capacity. By the way, we did attach the MagStar to our 520 for conversion purposes. I just used it this week to recover some really old stuff. Still works great.
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  • Davidmichel
    LTO it is. I've worked with many clients over the years using just about every type of drive out there, and my experience is that LTO is the most reliable. Another factor to consider is expected life. Yes others have been around for years but will they continue to be around for years. From what I've seen the best choice from that perspective also goes to LTO. You have the three bigest players in the tape drive industry behind it and it is the only type of tape drive that is made by three different companies instead of single source.
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