Which practice skills should I concentrate on to become an entry level Network Administrator?

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I am learning CCNA course now. I would like to get a job as NW adminstrator fresher. Which practicle skills ( configurations of most used switches/ routers, NW troubleshooting utilities....etc ) do I need to concentrate on?

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The CCNA will teach you many of the basic skills you will need.

IP subnetting, this is essential, and also the basic IOS commands, which you will use daily. If you are studying through the Cisco Academy Program then you also learn to use diagnostic tools such as Wireshark, and also some debugging and configuration practice. Basic knowledge of routing protocols is also covered (RIP, OSPF and EIGRP). All this is useful when you are interviewed.

If you pass the CCNA exam, you will have a lot of the elementary knowledge to start in a network administrator role. Try to add more knowledge of the IOS commands, and what they do in a ‘real’ environment, why they are used, and what the different options do that allow you to tailor the command to work in a particular environment.

Above all, show enthusiasm for the subject, and a willingness to learn more.

When I was recruiting, those were some of the things I was looking for in a junior engineer.

Good Luck

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  • Bspkumar
    I will write the CCNA exam after 5-6 months. I have the basic knowledge of subnetting, commands, ISPF, EIGRP....etc. However, I am not familiar with Wirshark and other diagnostic tools. Do the diagnostic tools differ for company to company? Thank you for the information. I have found many networking communities in Orkut ( India ). But, I have not found answers to many questions in these communities ( India ). Thank for your time.
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  • BlankReg
    You can download a copy of WireShark for free. just search on Google. It is a packet sniffer, that examines the data on a network. Run it when you are using the Internet and you will be able to see the actual packets that go from you to the website and the replies. Play with the filters to only see some of the packets. It is a useful learning experience, and helps to reinforce the things you have learned through your studies. A lot of companies use WireShark, but there are others that do a similar job. If you know this one, then the others are easy to operate. There are many other tools, but you are not expected to know all of them. Knowing one is a lot better then none :-) Always glad to help, as are many of the other people on this forum. Ask any questions and you should get at least one answer. Don't worry if you think the question is a bit basic, we all had to learn this sometime. Good luck with the studies, and with the exam when you get there.
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  • 07981A1210
    hi, i just started the ccna course. can anybody actually explain what is WireShark for and what are diagnostic tools? Where are they used?
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  • 9143124133
    i want know that ccna coures details.
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  • TomLiotta
    i want know that ccna coures details. You take the courses to learn the details. That's what the Cisco Network Academy courses are for -- to provide students with details. Tom
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