When I reply to email it currupts the original (see example)

Microsoft Exchange
Hi All I have a strange problem, when ever I reply to an email (plan text and also HTML) the original email appears as random symbols. see below: Example -----Original Message----- From: xxxxxxxxx Sent: 18 October 2006 10:31 To: xxxxx Subject: xxxxxx GIF89aA�??u�����!�#-2��3�#1"�2*,�1V�0m82B?@;�F{>AL(HrB��Y�'F*�F0.r,0Y�EL5Cp�U| be8Ht8lWC9iF6{f<RKRWe]aZ]apkUMhXejdGjbYxdKwcWyrI{sXphq��? .Z�*?!4?/J?CQ?I[|Rm?Wk?uW?ws?fw?}?vn??q?'r?A?)�?8(?� '/�?8+?�n?>@Z&x?|?P6?g:?F0?u<?WK?Wn?hR?ie?hv?tg?uy?kc?gz?tf?yt?PL?]h?tT?xj?��?.�?.%IG8IXFIhTExham^?|ls.?'�S?)??, `N??z????Ls?W??u??q?I??�?A,??.?UG??}?Eh??nI?m?????q??U??u?Y~?Ic?C}I?UO?qY ZU?wa?NiZvi?qI?}?EyS??????`????????????????????!??#????Y?????????S?????????? S|??'???|?????????s|???? ?!?????????|????????Y??#??'?<???|?????'?????????I?<a???|??Y|O|?EY?????????'I??O??a?A??CU>EaE?SIs|??????E<?E??E?????U??U??U??e??e??e??i?-U?UC??E?OE?EE?????YYUO>E??OY'?e??i?O?>??E????????E?iI?ui?uo'E?CEAUIOEEOUUCE?CUU?EUOUE?a?I?E?eEUoUEe?I?UOcY?oOc?UciiO??Ie?Ue?O?oIe?Ue?YooeOyyy??????!y NETSCAPE2.0��!u��?y,A�?�?5h1p ���A�1RA�??IsH|�? ?:�#5?4?#%_?~ 3& This is with all the emails I reply to and its only happening on my machine and no ones else. Can anyone please explain. I am used outlook 2003 with exchange 2003. Thank you F

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How about encoding? do you have any language on your machine other than english? IF so, ask the Exchange Server admin to add that language.

This looks much more like a MIME type encoding problem on the client side that is causing it to improperly handle attachments or embedded images.

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  • Richijennings
    What you have there is a GIF image displayed as text. Are you trying to add an image in your signature or something?
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  • Museudf
    Fixed. Word was not my defualt email editor F
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  • Stevesz
    It is normally Word that causes problems, not fixes them. You do have a problem with your Outlook. First thing to do would be to run a repair on it. If that does not resolve the issue, remove the cache and let it rebuild itself by adding it again after a deleteing the OST file and restarting Outlook. If tha does not resolve the issue, create a new profile. I would never advise anyone to use Word as teh editor for their Outlook.
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  • Technochic
    I recently had this exact issue with a co-worker. What it turned out to be for her was a corrupted signature. We deleted the signature and created a enw one and she stopped having this issue.
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  • Mortree
    Sent/stored with Word header. Or UTF encoded. Then replied as plain text or HTML. Same thing as opening Word files with Notepad. Looks like garbage but is just wrong format. Still Outlook should pick that up. Could be damaged profile if you weren't forcing it to always use plain text or HTML replies regardless of original sender format.
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