When does it make sense to choose a simplified VDI solution like Kaviza over a complicated solution like Citrix

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We are a mid-size complany with over 7,000 employees.  We have large, legacy, home-grown apps that breaks whenever we apply Java upgrades. We support "Off-the-shelf" apps as well. We have a heterogenous network supporting just over 1.3 Pbytes of data in two Datacenters.  Both are in Ca. (Statutory condition).

Execs say we need to move to VDI.  Fine.  But we have two differnet camps.  One camp wants to go inexpensive with Kaviza.  The other Camp wants to go Citrix.  Currently, we are supporting almost 1,000 virtual servers with VMWare ESXi & Hyper-V. So we are not new to virtualization.  But for the desktop, that's a different story.

It's a hard decision, but tomorrow's the day to select the RFP winner.  Carpe Diem and all that stuff.  So, from those who have done this before, who would you choose?  Or rather, who wouldn't you choose?



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Hello there,

I can tell you that it made sense for us as a company to use Kaviza rather than XenDesktop and also that it was an easy choice. As a hosted virtual desktop provider, we LOVE the cost-effectiveness of Kaviza, but we also love HDX and Kaviza is the only place you can get it outside of XenDesktop.

Also, because we have so many users running on Kaviza (5000+), we are getting really good at drilling our own API’s down into Kaviza so that we can ‘bend it to our will’ and in that regard it comes up higher on the list that XenDesktop any day.

To summarise, we chose it because of cost first (XenDesktop IS much more expensive), HDX second and ease of use/modification third.

Look at it this way too, how many awards did XenDesktop win last year ? You cant get in trouble for choosing an award winning tech when there is not much between them.

I am of course ignoring the most important point however, it DOES depend on your unique needs.

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  • LogicalCT
    I spent 100+ hours setting up XenDesktop, and was worried about the cost of managing all the moving parts. I then found Kaviza and had it running in a couple of hours, before I even had my first meeting with them. You get the same HDX capabilities with Kaviza, and its far simpler to manage and scale. End-users are using iPads to get into the desktops, no problem. We picked Kaviza for its management simplicity and because it gives the same end-user experience. We are very happy with our decision and have upped our licenses. Hope this helps.
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  • Rgass
    Hi TuCloud. I'm wondering if you can share any of your criteria for the decision making process? Did you run a bake off, do a formal RFP, PoC, etc.? I'm working on a VDI initiative myself and see the same benefits for the Kaviza solution. As with anything in a big slow moving organization, I'll have to qualify those for the decision makers who tend to be more "data driven". Any advice or data you can share?
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