What’s a good, simple reliable way to log errors for later investigation?

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I'm doing new work in an old old system. It's built with a bit of everything you could use from System/34 onwards - except maybe WSU. Naturally, as I Put together new functions, I test return codes, record locks, database integrity as I go. Just spent a couple of hours finding out that a function is OK - the data is bad, so I've added a message - but it only goes in the Joblog. (can't stop the process - some of this may not be fatal) What's needed is a (file) that can pick up the occurrence and record who what when - for support people to look at next day. What experiences have people had with this kind of stuff, any good techniques, add-ons like email to groups of users - alerts, how best to configure the alerts ???

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If you’re using MONMSG, you can email the error to specific support people using the SNDDST command. They in turn can setup their cell phone to receive these emails immediately.

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    Thanks for the suggestion These aren't System or user 'Messages' so monitoring for messages isn't appropriate. Suppose I'm a program, and discover that a record on a file is not there - it's one referential link of, 20 that 'may' be needed. If, in this particular transactions case, it turned out that that link was required, and the result has been tainted by its absence, then I want a record, somewhere, that (my) program code knew about it, and no one needs to go and look for program bugs. There could be many of these overnight, so a means of leaving an audit trail is the thing. at the end of a job, then maybe a Qsndmsg (sp) API could notify some people to go and look at the audit log. - or What do people have experiance of - is it better to send emails to people or tell them the data is waiting to be looked at? Is it a good idea to flag up the audit record to say that user ABC has looked at it, or not bother. Leave the pile of un,oved audit records to fester... Experiences please... Thanks all..
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