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Hi, I am looking to start a small business that would need a FTP server for about 20-50 clients. Each client would be transferring data to our FTP daily ranging from 100 MB up to 100 GIGs of data. I have extensive knowledge on PCs but not to much about servers. Would anyone be able to give me an idea of what OS and box would fit my needs? I have been looking at some HPs lightly. Please let me know if you need any more info. Thanks!

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You should look into FTP packages first.

Since this sound like it will be your only server, you should get a moderately beefy server with a good deal of redundant drives and storage.

Check out the free Filezilla FTP client & server. Surely a person would not use FTP to transfer 100 gigs of data? That would take a LOT of time and bandwidth. It would likely interfere with other clients. If a client has that much data to transfer, you may need a dedicated connection just for that client.
Did you end you choosing colocating? Or did you use a service provider? Just curious. 100gb is a lot of data to transfer via FTP.
We basically burn it on disks, and then ship those disks around.

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  • JasonP805
    I'm sorry I should have also mentioned that the server will be running other various programs that will be directly interacting with the clients, such as backup software. Thanks
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I would think any beefy Dell, HP, or whatever brand server would be fine. Don't forget to take your Internet connection into consideration (esp. speed and reliability). Also, be careful running multiple apps on one server. Such a setup can not only be a single point of failure but may create other security issues by not keeping access rights and sensitive information confined.
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  • JasonP805
    Thanks for all your guys help! I was suggested to possibly go with a beefy data center preferably in LA, does anyone have any places they would recommend? Thanks
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  • Harisheldon
    Since you are just starting out, either contact Dell, or go to a computer outlet that builds servers and give them the specs on what you need.  A good desktop server sounds like it would be your best bet and if you need storage, I might suggest getting a WD cloud external drive.  They now come in 24TB size.  The 16TB size only cost about $1,000.  This should be able to hold all of your data and then some.
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