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I'm working for a company that wants to buy a server to host its website. The company will sell iPhone/iPad apps, and the website is used to provide information. 
 The website will have the following: 
-A forum 
-RSS feed
 -imbedded youtube videos 
The server's responsibilities are: 
-Storing user information (estimated 500 000 users) 
-Hosting facebook app 
-Sending data to Twitter (as tweets) and facebook 
We need to know what kind of server/hosting set-up is recommended. The company would prefer to buy a server and have someone host it, but is open to suggestions from experts

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As far my knowledge there r several causes to take right decision…. And I am not going to compare about !
Linux Server and Windows Server provide a GUI and a command line interface.For desktop or home use, Linux is very cheap and most of the softwares free, rather Windows is expensive.
For server use, Linux is very cheap compared to Windows. Microsoft allows a single copy of Windows to be used on only one computer. They use a technique for software to enforce this rule (Windows Product Activation at first, later Genuine Windows). In contrast, once you have purchased Linux, you can run it on any number of computers for almost no additional charge.
An objective measure of the ongoing care and feeding costs for Linux vs. Windows. Before choosing please consider the followings:
a) Dealing with bugs in the operating system
b) Dealing with bugs in application software (Almost SW free, called Open Source)
c) Dealing with viruses, worms, Spyware, etc.(very big advantage to Linux here)
d) Dealing with software upgrades to new versions (both the OS supports)

If you buy a copy of Windows on a CD-ROM, you get no application software with it. If you buy a copy of Linux server on a CD-ROM (or two or three) it typically comes with gobs of free application software (like Adobe Reader, Open Office which equiv to MS Office, several multimedia sw, huge no of utility tools) . As far my case, I am more secure on Linux than I am on Windows.
Though again u look for a very short comparisons here :
1. Linux Server Interoperables with Windows and vise versa.
2. Linux Server supports unlimited Virtual Machine, but Windows Server lack of this
3. Enterprise support provided by vendor with 25+ yrs history both Linux & Windows
4. Linux has huge no of Open Source Software, but windows has not
5. Broad Ecosystem both Server supports
6. Reliable, scalable, secure server OS, Linux Server has some extended features rather
Windows Server
7. U have more expertise for Linux Server ( I hope already u have)

Now it’s ur turn to decide !

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  • jinteik
    If you are talking about hardware, one of the easy way is to get the vendor (DELL, HP, IBM, ETC) in and have a discussion.... but before that you will need to be able to do your sizing of data in x amount of years how much data you have, then xx amount of years how much you will have too.. if the data is too big, you can store it in a SAN storage or hard disk libraries.. Not only that, you will need to do backup to your servers too... Do you also need HA? or maybe a replication of hardware just incase the primary server is down? So there are many answers that you will need before the vendor comes in
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