What is the best way to identify User modified IBM commands in QSYS

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AS/400 upgrades
I am trying to identify any or all the commands in QSYS which have been modified / changed by Users. Ideally I only want the original version of IBM supplied commands in QSYS. I want to put the changed versions of IBM commands in a Separate LIbrary and put this Lib on the top of the SYSLIBL. I run my query (DSPOBJD for all commands in QSYS) and in the results its easy to see commands with a USER defined as the creator. However there is another field called "User modified" with *YES or *NO that I presume indicates the commands was modified by a User. However no other inforamtion is given other than the change date. So am I to assume that any command with *YES in the User modified field has indeed been changed and is not the IBM original version of the command. You see we have an OS upgrade coming up (V5R3 to V5R6) and QSYS will be replaced therefore I want to round up all the changed commands and put them in a safe place. I also want to be able to control the changes to commands / QSYS moving forward. Any insight would be paramount. Thx - Gam

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You can normally see if the defaults have been changed when the APAR ID field is ‘CHGDFT’ and the User modified is a 1. If the user modified is a 1, then something has changed and I would recommend copying the command to another library before your upgrade.

Once you’ve done the upgrade you should compare the copied commands and see whether there is really a difference (it’s possible that someone/some program has done a CHGCMDDFT with the same defaults that were already in place, thus marking the command as changed).

If you need to change a system object, you should really copy it to another library which you keep above the system libraries in the QSYSLIBL system value. The new way to do this is using ‘proxy’ commands, if you can you should convert to using this method.

By the way, are you sure it’s V5R6 that you’re upgrading to? I thought that after V5R4 the next release was V6R1.


Martin Gilbert.

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  • WoodEngineer
    Good tip regarding finding modified commands, Mr. Gilbert. I was not aware such a feature existed. Good to know. One tip for Gambit7 . . . we record all command changes in a CL program, then run the program to apply the changes. When a new version of the operating system is installed we recompile the program and run it again. Works great. The only challenge is to be sure all command changes are added to the program. It's awfully easy to think, "I'll add that later."
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