what is the best security website?

i want to know where to go for security resources on the web

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A great resource to start is right here at SearchSecurity. However there are a lot of areas in infosec so you may need to clarify exactly what you are looking for in this arena. For example, the following is a list of sites that I go to for infosec resources.

http://perfectinternetsecurity.tk/ is without a doubt the best website since it covers it all and is easy to understand. {see comment}

# http://www.ussysadmin.com
* nice website w/ security tools

# http://www.csoonline.com/analyst/report3068.html
* Security & application development process

# http://www.net-security.org/

# http://www.mckeay.net/
* Security primer for non-technical

# http://www.schneier.com/blog/
# http://taosecurity.blogspot.com/

# http://www.csoexecutivecouncil.com/
* Advocates for Strategic Security Solutions

# http://www.ussecurityawareness.org/
# http://www.nanog.org/ispsecurity.html
* security education resource

# http://www.first.org/cvss/
# http://www.first.org/cvss/scores.html
* Common vulnerability scoring system

# http://forums.spywareinfo.com/
# http://www.noticebored.com/blog/NBlog.html
* NoticeBored is a website with user awareness education

# http://www.bindview.com/services/razor/utilities/
# http://www.elsenot.com/
* Windows exploit resource

# http://www.neisg.org/default.asp
* New England infosec group

# http://www.castlecops.com
# http://www.securitynewsportal.com/index.shtml
* Security news portal

# http://www.securityabsurdity.com/failure.php
* Security Absurdity: The Complete, Unquestionable, and Total Failure of Information Security.

# http://www.secmanager.com
# http://www.csoonline.com/read/120106/fea_cheap.html?source=nlt_csoupdate
* Cheapskate’s Infosecurity Toolbox

# http://www.thecomplianceconsortium.org/default.aspx
# http://www.securitystats.com
# http://www.cccure.org/
# http://all.net/Metricon/index.html
* security metrics

# http://sectools.org
# http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~db=all~content=t768221793
* The EDP Audit, Control, and Security Newsletter

# http://www.ism-community.org
* Infosec Management community

# http://makingsecuritymeasurable.mitre.org/
# http://www.engagesecurity.com/
* packet builder utility; IDS for Windows

# http://www.asisonline.org/guidelines/guidelines.htm
* good guidelines on various security topics

# http://www.legions.org/
* Legions of the Underground website

# http://www.antirootkit.com
# http://onguardonline.gov/index.html
* Practical internet security from the US Government

# http://www.msisac.org/
* Multi-state Information Sharing and Analysis Center

# http://www.edtechoutreach.umd.edu/C3Institute/cybersafety.html#fun
* Portals to teach safety

# http://www.utexas.edu/its/secure/
* UT infosecurity training resource

# http://www.educause.edu/7479
* Cybersecurity Awareness day resources

# http://www.optimumx.com/
* some nice command line Windows networking utilities

# http://www.craigball.com/links.html
* Resource page on forensics and links to other search engines

# http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxSecurityTools.html
* Tutorial pages

# http://www.securitydocs.com/
* Security whitepapers and articles

# http://www.securitydistro.com
* Live CDs of security tools

# http://exploitsearch.com
* exploit search engine [01/18/2008]

# http://www.threatcode.com
* non-UAC or LUA application hall of shame

# http://blogs.msdn.com/aaron_margosis/default.aspx
* LUA info

# http://www.800-security.com/tech/InternetSecureLinks.html
* nice list of security related weblinks

# http://wiki.hak5.org
* wiki with links to tools

# http://www.senderbase.org
* spam statistics

# http://www.ethicalhacker.net/
* hacker security news

# http://www.shadowserver.org
* security wiki

# http://www.securitycompass.com
* research & tools

# http://fismapedia.org/index.php?title=Main_Page
* fisma security information

# http://www.offensivecomputing.net/
* live malware sample site

# http://www.cosmolearning.com/
* e-learning website

# http://virustotal.com
* suspicious file submission – check viruses

# http://milw0rm.org
* exploit website

# http://inj3ct0r.com/
* exploit website

# http://labs.idefense.com/
* vulnerability research resource

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  • TomLiotta
    ...where to go for security resources on the web The "perfectinternetsecurity" site that was added to the Answer is a useful site for some home Windows PC users. It can also be useful for some business security administrators to read through. It has links to many additional sites that provide actual security information. But the "perfectinternetsecurity" site is not about 'security'. It is a kind of cook-book site that provides generally good steps to take to secure home or personal Windows PCs. It's about the general securing of a PC rather than being about 'security'. For your question, what are you wanting to know about security? What environments are you interested in? Tom
    125,585 pointsBadges:
  • Kevin Beaver
    "Security" is pretty generic...what specifically are you looking for?
    27,525 pointsBadges:

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