what is SEQONLY(*YES) property

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AS/400 programming
[strong]Hi,                                                                                                                                       i have a problem with my program which was running successfully on the previous days. Every time I try to run the program the job fails. [/strong]

[strong]The error in spool files is as shown below Message . . . . : Open of member DTICARRX was changed to SEQONLY(*NO). [/strong]

[strong]Cause . . . . . : Member DTICARRX file DTICARRX in library MISAM was opened with the SEQONLY(*YES) parameter specified in the program or on the Override Database File (OVRDBF) command. However, the parameter has been changed to SEQONLY(*NO) because of condition 1 shown below: [/strong]

[strong]1 - The program opened member DTICARRX for output operations only and SEQONLY(*YES) was specified with the default number of records. SEQONLY(*YES) was changed to SEQONLY(*NO) to allow the program to handle duplicate key, conversion mapping, key mapping, and select or omit errors, or both select and omit errors at the time of the output operation. what is the significance of SEQONLY(*NO).?[/strong]

[strong] if anybody has met with the situation before , please help me. this is very critical.                                                                                                   [/strong]

[strong]Thanks ,[/strong]


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SEQONLY(*YES) is usually used when reading a large file and using ablocing factor. The machine will read a large block of records and transfer them to you PAG instead of a record at a time.
The system will automatically change the specication from *YES to *NO if it believes it will be more efficient in it’s processing.. This does not cause a program to crash.
My guess is that you have problems with your data.
Are you trying to write to a file?
Does it have a unique key?

———– CharlieBrown is right, as always.
This shuld be a informational or warning message 00 or 10 level.
and shouldn’t normally stop the processing.

To eliminate this usually harmless message
I suspect that you have an ‘F’ spec for this file


I don’t think you can add the key like this

But you could definitely code it like this

Of course you need to determine what’s really causing the crash.

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