What IOS Version on Cisco 2520 Router

I'm thinking of using Cisco 2520 routers to build up a CCNA home lab. Can anyone give me any idea what IOS version a used 2520 would be likely to have on it. I figure used C2955-12 would likely be version 12.X?? Any other thoughts on building a Cisco lab are welcome also. Thanks to all.

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IMHO, the 2500 series routers are substandard for taking the CCNA. You’d be better off buying Boson’s router simulator and it will cost less than purchasing a router on E-Bay ($150.00 vs $420.00). The Boson router simulator can do a lot more than the simple router and allow you to connect multiple routers and switches together (virtually, of course). They claim 47 different types of routers and switches. Plus, the Boson route gives you tests and simulations to work through.

Here’s a link to the Boson site:

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  • Astronomer
    I agree with SF if you only have a single router. You can learn a fair amount with a 2500 but if there aren't other routers to work against, you will miss a lot of problems. Also the 2500 is obsolete so you may not be able to do some simulations with them. I don't believe any of the IOS versions for the 2500 are available now because of security issues. I did something similar with a 1700 series for the CCNP and discovered I needed to work with multiple routers to make simulations of sufficient complexity. I ended up building several linux routers to work with the cisco. I found this educational for all of the non-proprietary protocols. rt
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  • PaperMaker
    Thanks to both of you. SF on your recommendation of Boson simulator, dosen't the simulators usually only have the capabilities for the commands and functionality that pertain to the perticular lesson involved. I think I might be able to get ahold of three 2520 and three C2950-12s. I guess if the IOS is old on the routers, then the "learning experience" might not be what I need for the current CCNA.
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  • Skepticals
    I'm not sure what your budget is, but I just purchased 1 Cisco 3620 router off ebay for $125 and another router for 2 something. I also purchased a 2950 switch. I prefer the real thing over simulation. Just my thoughts.
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  • Sonyfreek
    A bit of clarification first: I completed my CCNA four years ago and had a 2503 router. It was a fine router in it's day, but even then it was rather antiquated for the test. Because it was so lousy to do anything except the very basics and because I only had one, I downloaded and used the Boson simulator. Back then it was rather clumsy and would crash all of the time, and at what would seem random times. They've come a long way since then and it doesn't crash like it used to, but they are still just a simulator. In that, the simulator does not allow you to go beyond the knowledge of the CCNA exam. For example, you cannot configure IS-IS or BGP usng the CCNA Netsim. Here's a list of it's capabilities: http://www.boson.com/AboutNetSim.html. I don't think the simulator locks you into using only the commands required to complete the task at hand, but I admit that I haven't used them since they renamed it to the "NetSim or CCNA/P." Nothing will substitute for hands-on, real life experience. If you can afford it, I'd definitely recommend purchasing a few different router and switch models and getting used to them. I also recommend volunteering or working in a community college and learning on real live networks, if possible. However, I couldn't justify (to my wife) that I had to buy a bunch of Cisco equipment that was way too powerful for my home network, just to take a single test. If you're going to move on to the CCNP afterwards, it makes it more economical and reasonable to buy equipment. You could sell them to another CCNA/CCNP candidate, but that's about all that you're going to be able to do with it afterwards. There are lots of "CCNA lab" kits on ebay, but they typically give you outdated equipment. Hope it helps, SF
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  • Tessa Parmenter
    As associate editor for SearchNetworking.com, I ran a contest to see who could write the best advice to pass a certification exam. One writer, Jeremy Otsap, not only wrote in with advice, but a whole certification game plan that detailed online practice tests, lab setup instructions and lists of activities to complete A+, Network+, CCNA, MCSA and Linux certifications: https://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/generic/0,295582,sid7_gci1268329,00.html You can check out his CCNA-specific lab setup instructions here. I hope you find it useful!
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