What headaches are your network users causing?

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Open IT ForumEvery network admin seems to have their favorite "network user" horror stories -- what are the most frequent types of problems you seem to encounter with your network users? What steps have you taken with "problem users" that were successful?

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We had a user call in one night complaining that it was taking forever to send a 10GB attachment through our Exchange email. At the time we had no limits on size of sent mail. We politely suggested she find some other method of getting said file to the recipient and the next day set mail send size limits to 10MB. That wasn’t going to happen again!

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  • Kevin Beaver
    Very funny Technochic! The biggest problem I see is users being careless with passwords and users creating network shares, giving everyone access, and proceeding to store all sorts of sensitive information that anyone/everyone can see whether they have a business need to or not.
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  • Yasir Irfan
    One particular problem I am facing and which bothers me a lot is from our own developers,before coming to that point let me brief about our organisation setup, we have more than 4000 thousand users and we have atleast dozen of appilcations running in our network supplied by differnet vendors . I always recieve a call from our developers complaining about the slowness in application. I did lot of tests and finally I informed them the problem doesn't lies in the network rather its an application problem. At same time all other applications are running fine l that too huge imaging based softwares are running obsulately fine. They get convince at that particular moment and then they start looking at the bugs, once they fix those bugs the application performs normal. Again after couple of weeks when they do some updates they face similar problem again they come back to me complaining slowness in the network. Again i do lot analysis, monitor the network with more vigilence and again I come to the same conclusion. God knows when our developers start thinking right... This is my biggest problem from last 4 years. Had plenty of meetings with them, they should admit their problems and work hard to over come the issues they have.
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  • OwenAmbrose
    One thing that annoys me is that people are quick to call up when something isn't working, but when it fixes itself they don't think to call you back and tell you! So we are struggling to find something wrong, call them back to let them know we can't see any issues to be told "Oh it started working again" That and when you ask a user to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and they tap Ctrl, then tap Alt, then tap Del The other day I travelled 2 miles to replace a mouse because the customer said the one they had didn't recharge. I looked at their mouse and they had put normal batteries in it. I didn't say anything I just changed the mouse.
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