What causes FREQUENT ‘Active Desktop Recovery’?

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Active Desktop Recovery
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What causes FREQUENT 'Active Desktop Recovery'? For some reason I regularly get 'Active Desktop Recovery'? - EVEN AFTER a 'Windows drive' WIPE & RE-INSTALL! Why? Even after installing XP SP3, it made no difference. Admittedly it's only irritating but that's bad enough when it happens as regular as every other re-boot (sometimes). How can I stop / prevent these problems? Thanks -Mike-

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Microsoft said that Internet Explorer 7 has been causing some errors with the Active Desktop, if you have Internet Explorer 7 on your computer read this article for the solution to fix the problem.


This could also be caused by a corrupt user profile.

To locate the list of local user profiles, right-click My Computer, click Properties, and then click Settings on the Advanced tab under User Profile.

You might need to create a new user profile, and copy your data to it.

See this Microsoft Article for instructions on how to do that:

If that doesn’t work, you could try doing a repair Install of the operating system (and install all windows updates after that).

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    Cheers Dustin This issue has been doing my tree in :o( I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with the profile as it's happened on 2 brand new installs & the only part of the profile I retained was the "My Doc's" folder- everything else was dumped. BUT on the other hand you look like you're onto something BIG with the IE7 issue. I'll check the link you've included & see if that can cure it ! Another anomily you might be interested in - on 2 seperate machines - after a fresh install - XP Pro decided that it would block access completely without the entering of a password - EVEN THOUGH - no password existed on the account - no matter what you typed - either "Enter" etc. you always got the "Did you forget" dialogue !! ?? !! SO I loaded in safe Mode & got in with no request for passwords !!??!! I then created a password of "-" on the Admin account - re-loaded in standard - & got in typing "-" so I knew the password system was functioning ! The CURE ??? I loaded up RegEdt32 & searched on "Password". I then changed every "limitblankpassworduse"= from value dword:00000001 to dword:00000000 & believe it or not ... THAT ACTUALLY CURED IT :o) - so I saved each Registry stage to Ini files - compliled them & copied the single ini to the second machine. Ran it & cleand the fault completely !! HOW IS THAT FOR WEIRD ??? Remember - these were 2 clean installs - on a laptop & a PC & I got the exact same fault on both - a fault I've never seen before in alkl of my years of PC installs !!! I just wish I knew WHICH SOFTWARE it was that corrupted the Registry like that !!! :o( BUT as I said - IT'S CURED - so I'm happy once more - if a little baffled :o) ThankX again m8 !!! - M!ke - ( Macs PC )
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