What brand of routers/switches do you trust the most?

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We're wondering what everyone is using for a brand of wireless routers and switches? What do you prefer to use in the enterprise versus at home or in personal networks? What are your suggestions for SMBs to large corporations? We've got 150 knowledge points for our favorite answer!

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At home I’m using the FIOS Actiontec Wireless Router/ Switch built in. The device has been in use for 2 1/2 yrs and never had one issue and at work Cisco wireless and switches are the most reliable in a enterprise environment.

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  • jinteik
    If it is for home use anything goes...haha..anyway for history so far at home I have been using Dlink modem, Aztech Modem, DLINK Switch, Netgear 3 in 1, TPLINK 3 in1.. For office, we use CISCO switches.
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  • shanekearney
    At home I use a 24 port Cisco 2950 switch daisy chained to a Cisco DSL Router In work it is a mixture of 3COM, Cisco, D-link and Netgear I would prefer if it were all Cisco as I kno all the cmd line arguments on these switches but then again I'm not the boss!!
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  • Monkez
    routers for home speedtouch is easy to config and 3com switch is good for home or any type for home is good because the bandwidth will not be important point in home
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  • mitrum
    CISCO only
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  • Asishgupta
    If use at home then DLink or Linksys (Cisco). If Office then Cisco.
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  • Dvord2569
    I have been pretty happy with the Linksys RVS4000 at home. I host my own Web/Mail/etc with it. My only gripe was the horrible lack of support/documentation. Took me quite a while to figure out a few things (like finding a software update). At work I have a WatchGuard Firebox x750e which I was happy with for a long time until a software update (anything post 9.1) disabled the ability to easily provide proxy/filter reports. Apparantly WatchGuard subscribes to the M$ model of removing features as you "upgrade" the product. Despite that my latest buildout is going to have to be a Watchguard XTM 22. It simply provides all the features I need without bleeding me dry with subscriptions, being overpriced, or limiting the number of LAN nodes that can use it.
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  • Yasir Irfan
    I am always with Cisco Systems, for SMB i prefer to use Lynksys Internet Router,
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  • Learnteach
    At an enterprise level we use Cisco because we have a Cisco partner which provides great support at discounted prices. Although I believe in giving all vendors a fair shot at earning our business no competitor provides the level of training and knowledge like Cisco. The Cisco training and knowledge base is incredible. If I have an issue to troubleshoot typically I can find the answer in one of the online support groups or on the Cisco site. Cisco also offers great SMB products which are pretty easy to manage. We have purchased both small and large systems and it has always been a good choice. I also like Adtran and Juniper but Cisco is just better.
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  • carlosdl
    We use 3Com and Cisco.
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  • HendryB
    The only thing I use at home or at work is Cisco products (linksys, et al.)
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  • batye
    D-link brand for home network or enterprise environment easy to set-up good range simple to use at my own home network I use D-link brand routers/switches yes I do trust my home wireless network with d-link...
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  • Sixball
    We use Cisco/Juniper routers. Cisco/HP/Dell/Fujikura Switches... A good mix of vendors aids in security and stability.
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