What are the most overused tech buzzwords for 2008?

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I'm the editor for whatis.com and I'm trying to put together a list of the most overused tech buzzwords for 2009. Can you help? Cloud is #1 on my list (and all its variations). Green will be on the list too. What else belongs on the list?

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My list of overused IT buzzwords/acronyms:
– Smart Phone
– Mobile Broadband
– Virtualisation

Might I ADD:

Value – Add!

…and Is there a better way to say Solutions?

Please, no more Cloud Computing?
GREEN anything …
Bailouts and Financial Crisis…
Bush Bashing !

Bob VL

Not really buzzwords, but very overused :-

Credit Crisis

Barak Obama

Roadmap for peace

But those aren’t tech buzzwords. How about Web 2.0? I’m sick of that one.

I’ll add another Vote for Web 2.0 here. But in my work world the word “Savvy” seems overused, “Tech Savvy”, “Wi-Fi Savvy”, “Politically Savvy”, “SAP Savvy”, and so on.
Sometimes I think I need someone who is Savvy-Savvy to explain some of these terms…
Bifurcate – Its not a technical term. However, every manager uses this to the point where in meetings we have a pool going as to how many times they will say this.
Green Computing


I have to agree with cloud computing, green computing, and Web 2.0 being grossly overused. I also think that Barack Obama is way overused too 🙂
As far as Tech terms go though, I would add virtualization and software as a service (SAAS) to the list. Sure, virtualization is important, but the term gets thrown around way too much.


Virtualization is the biggest one. VMware, Hyper-V, and Consolidation are also over-used.

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  • StevenG7
    Web 2.0 gets my #1 vote too, followed by "Cloud Computing" and "Green". At least, "User Friendly" finally seems dead & buried!
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I second the SaaS and virtualization motion. How about "Web 3.0", oh and "Vista" too.
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  • SJC
    Like some others offered -- not exactly "tech" buzzwords but the use of "best practices" seems grossly over-used to me, as does the phrase "5 Best (fill in the blank)", or "10 Best (whatever...)". I'd certainly cast a vote for "Web 2.0".
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  • Thenovelpoet
    Tags, Clouds ,Cloud Computing, and Green get my vote, too. What about old standards like "granularity" and "tipping point"? "Social networking" tools.
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  • Eric Siebert
    v-[enter product name/phrase here] words i.e. vCenter i-[enter product name/phrase here] words i.e. iphone e-[enter product name/phrase here] words i.e. ebusiness
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  • Donpar
    It comes and goes periodically, but "Microhoo" is a concoction that deserves and quick and quiet demise.
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  • Leah Rosin
    SaaS, virtualization, and cloud computing top my list. Web 2.0 is also noteable, but maybe I just didn't "hear" it as much this year as those above.
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  • Ledlincoln
    I concur with Bob VL. I hate it when a product is called a "solution." Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Just call it a product.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Just don't say anything negative about "solutions" directly to any IT/security vendors - especially the marketing folks. Their mere existence relies upon their "solutions" for this and that. In fact, they solve practically every problem from compliance, to "green", to best practices, to user-friendly, right?. What would we do without all their "value-add"? If IT was only that simple!
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  • Jcmdba
    leverage......... how many times do they have to say leverage... If you aren't using a crow-bar, then you're not leveraging anything. plus, yes, cloud, SAAS, Virtual, but leverage is abused.
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  • Oldbogeydog
    "White Paper"
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