What are my chances of getting a good networking job without a college degree?

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I want to start a career in networking. I have started taking A+ classes. After that I intend to go for N+ then CCNA. I want to be sure I am on the right track. If I don't have a college degree, what are my chances of getting a good job or having a good career? Thank you.

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Although obtaining the A+, Network+, then CCNA will get you off to a good start, these are all entry-level IT certifications. At best, they will qualify you for an entry-level position. Your prospects will vary to a large extent upon where in the world you are located, and what your local job market is like. Here in the United States, for example, the certs your are pursuing might be helpful, and they might not be helpful, because the entry-level job market is *very* competitive. On the other hand, the college degree here is probably even more useful than those certifications, because of its higher cost, longer time commitment, and broader range of required subject matter.

If you’d care to tell me more about your work background, your location, and your actual job aspirations, I can probably respond in kind.




If you really want to have a chance of getting a job in IT without a college degree, you are one the right track in pursuing as many certifications as you can. Start by checking here. (IMHO) A college degree is still the best way to open doors in any profession. Also expect a lower starting pay until you can prove yourself.


IMHO a college degree doesn’t do much in the IT field. Most people that I know in the IT field don’t have a degree and a doing just fine for them selves. I myself do not have one, and I am going quite well for myself. The degree will help get you past the HR people, but the degree won’t mean much to the technical people you will be interviewing with after that. They are much more interested in your technical experience. The people you are interviewing against that don’t have the degree have a few years most work experience to draw on which will help them get that job over the candidate with only the degree.

Once you have a few years of work experience the degree won’t mean anything as you will be relying on your work experience to get your next position.

Not to mention that the IT field changes so quickly that the tech skills learned in class become very outdated very quickly.


I think it depends on your location.
In my country, a degree is very important, because if you don’t have it, you will not even have the chance to show your technical skills. It is the first filter, and without it your chances to get the job, are minimum.

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  • Harisheldon
    A college degree, without the proper certifications to show that you have the capability to work is the area of IT is just a piece of paper.  I had years of experience coming out of the military, but, since I had no certifications, the company would not look at me resume.  Therefore, along with your degree, you should have been taking the certification exams to bolster your training.  A degree alone will not get you very far.
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  • ToddN2000
    Some companies have policies in place that require the college degree. One I had applied to required a 4 year degree. I only had a 2 year but 25 years exp. Still did not even get an interview.. There policy is to only hire 4 year degree employees.
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  • mark6v6
    It depends on a country/city you live and your dream salary. I learned everything on my own + graduated from IT courses. I have official certificates and I can work in IT company. For example, I worked in one quite respected company and had sufficient salary. 
    My advise for you as was written earlier - to take the certification exam.
    In conclusion, a person who knows his work excellent will always be needed in companies :)
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