Weird Name resolution issue on one Windows server 2003 standard

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Hi, I've got a couple of servers that were p2v'd before my arrival, one server is proving to be a head scratcher! The p2v'd servers are on a seperate subnet and includes 2 dc's (dhcp,dns,wins) and 2 member servers. Now lets call the Members first and second for example, if I logon to a dc and ping first and then first.domain.local all the ip's resolve correctly.

If I logon to first and do the same then everything is fine also (obviously I get 127 blah as the results for first). But if I logon to second and ping first I get the old IP address, then pinging first.domain.local produces the correct result. Now I've been through the obvious things checking the host files on second and running nslookups and wiresharks all over the shop but I cannot fathom why I am getting the wrong result when pinging the name first from the second server.

I've also trawled the registry looking for any old links and changing those but to no avail. As this is onlu affecting one server it must be local to that server surely! Is there anywhere else where a broadcast/netbios name could be held which would produce this result AFAIK I have covered all the bases and there should be nothing left to check. Regards Dale

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All systems running server 2003 std

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Have you checked WINS and DNS on both subnets? Maybe you have a stale record. See if there is an entry for first with the old IP and if so tombstone it.

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  • Dales
    thanks for the reply I dont believe that dns is an issue because if I ping first.domain or nslookup then the results are correct, and its only one server that has this issue with pinging "first" all other servers in the subnet produce the correct response, so I'm pretty sure that it is something local to the one problem machine.
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  • Spadasoe
    NSlookup uses DNS to resolve. When you ping serever.domain that is also using DNS. When you ping servername, that is trying to resolve with WINS first. I would look at WINS
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