Windows XP SP3 slow loading

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SBS 2008
Small Business Server
Small Business Server 2008
Windows XP SP3
a couple of machines in s SBS 2008 domain have problem with loading websites that have lot of pictures like nationalgeographic. Issue on all browsers.the PC becomes very slow, just one step behind a soft hang. It does not recover for atleast 5 minutes. No error messages. I ran process monitor to check whats going on , but no problems there.The machines that have problems are XP SP3. can the issue be with graphic cards on the machine, since they have isues with CAD software, monitor has no connection when cad application is run.all suggestion welcome.
everything works fine on the the server.

Software/Hardware used:
sbs 2008 , XP sp3

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is the system using any type of Proxy !
Some tools of that type don’t fully support the https protocol. When visit an https site – does it appear in the Internet Zone or have ever added sites to the Trusted” zone ! Please write more about how the IE Zone security settings are configured.
Do one thing….
Possibly, IE attempts to check if revocation information exists for the server certificate, and since certificate info about it is not likely to be found on the server. Try unchecking the option Check for publishers certificate revocation and see if the performance returns back to normal.
One more suspect that, other browsers cached the image, which is why they are fast, and IE8 maybe reloading it each time. If possible, try to load on Firefox and check if it will happen again.
NOTES: The type of Internet connection u use is the most important factor in determining connection speed. The three most common ways to connect to the Internet are dial-up, DSL, and cable. While cable is usually the fastest.

Hope it may help u!

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  • carlosdl
    More details are needed. How are these machines connecting to the internet ? Does this happen when opening sites that reside on the internet only ? Have you compared the download speed of these machines to the one of another machine that works well ? What issues did these machines have with CAD software ?
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  • Technochic
    How much RAM on the slow machines vs. the machines with no issues, and how about the video RAM? How does that compare?
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  • Rajatkondal
    Thansk Guys, I dont think its IE , coz I have same behavior in other browsers. issue only for websites on the internet , ones that have lot of pictures, mostly high definition , like maps. the downlaod speed is also fine because it wroks great for all other websites. When a CAD sofweare runs the monitor loses signal.the machines ae not low on resources. any mre sugegstions
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  • Chippy088
    Technochic has asked the question I always ask when I am asked to speed up a PC. (Mostly soft hangs are triggered by low RAM) I am inclined to think this might be more than 1 problem, and I am assuming that the RAM is high (3MB) as it is used as a CAD work station. I would still check it though. What size swap file and memory usage did proc monitor report? How old are the problem PCs, are they using onboard graphics, (it suprised me to find some small companies didn't realise the limitations of the onboard graphics.) Just a thought, what resolution can the monitors handle? and are they set at the highest resolution. I had a similar problem with a CAD machine, the graphics card and monitor failed to work together (intermittently) at the higher resolutions the card was used at in CAD. Changed the monitor and the problem went away.The monitor was fairly old anyway, and due to be changed. It might be worth changing the monitor to see if the problem goes away. If not, try changing the video card.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Might be the slowness is due to CAD SW, u may try out this.... to update the Ole objects from the source. This problem occurs if the drawing contains Ole objects linked and the CAD SW is not able to find the path where the files are saved. Please provide ur next reply !
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  • jinteik
    From my diploma days, I know that my college uses very high end GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and also monitors.. Not only that, they feed the CPU with extra ordinary specs which normal users don't need. So yes I am guessing it can be the GPU and also the monitor that is having some problems.
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