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Hi, In my present organisation the IT policy states that inappropriate and malicious sites will be blocked. In my last organistation I never came across any such site blocking system.So, I have few queries regarding this. I hope those working for companies where site blocking is present would have better understanding and could help me out.
  1. If the blockage appears many times while browsing, is it monitored by the company.
  2. Is it going to impact in case somebody tries to view what all sites you browse throughout the day.
  3. How does websense help and work in IT companies.

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It depends on how the organization wants to manage/monitor employee network use. This is not an IT issue but is a business and human resources issue. Network bandwidth and management is not necessarily cheap. The network is there to support business requirements and employee internet use for games, gambling, shopping, adult activities, etc. is not using the tool (network) for business purposes. You are there to help the company make money, not cost them productivity which also costs money. Rather than questioning the policy I think you would be better off doing what the company pays you to do.

A great use of the web filtering software out there is blocking malicious traffic during transit. There are a lot of “drive-by” downloads that could be blocked with intelligent web filters. This type of network management is definitely in your and the company’s interests for maintaining network integrity and security.

You can learn more about the Websense product at the manufacturer’s website.

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  • RickC
    We use websense and yes its recored it has a very nifty reporting tool and can see what the productity loss is, the total time online and the number of hits per website.
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  • Harisheldon
    I currently work for the DOD and to answer a few of your questions as you asked them:

    1.  Yes, your system is monitored and if your IP address appears too many times going to blocked sites, especially porn sites, your account may be disabled and you will be required to take training and receive a written counseling.

    2.  Depending on how the policy is written and if you had to sign a User Agreement before receiving an account, you may just receive a counseling or they could go as far as terminating you.

    3.  Any program works differently, it all depends on how you set it up to scan the request as they pass through the firewall.

    Hope that this helped.
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  • ToddN2000
    We have many sites blocked. A lot of music streaming sites and social media sites and recently we blocked dating sites. This is to save and width and keep employees working and not playing games, watching videos or updating their Facebook accounts while working.

    It's up to HR to reprimand the offenders.
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