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Hi, i was wondering if someone can help - our web server has stopped working for no apparent reason. Ive checked the even t log and fond these two entries multiple times. :: MESSAGE 1 :: SOURCE | ID | CATEGORY ESNET | 439 | logging / recovery services (252) Unable to write a shadowed header for file C:WINNTSecuritytmp.edb. :: MESSAGE 2:: SOURCE | ID | CATEGORY ESNET | 454 | logging / recovery services (252) Database recovery/restore failed with unexpected error -1811. As anybody come across these before ?? All help ius greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy

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Sounds like the security log is full. Other than that, not a lot to go on but…

1. check avail hdd space on c:
2. make sure that you have not chanegd the default permissions under c:winnt.
3. are you using vss on that box? if so, turn it off to see what happens
4. is iis running under a different account than the system? If so, see #2.

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  • PaulieEddie
    First of all "squiffy"??? What does "squiffy" mean... Ha! The S100 is a general connectivity error to SQL server. It can sometimes mean that the SQL server is not available - but in those cases it is usually pretty obvious in that you cannot get to the SQL server at all. More than likely, there is an authentication issue - which is hinted at with the reference to "SSPI Context". You hae not supplied the versions of SQL, Windows, or if it is an NT 4.0 or Windows 2000/2003 domain - so it is a little more difficult to comment from here. So, speaking in general - determine the authentication method configured on the server (Native SQL, Windows Authentication, or Mixed). Then, check out the type of authentication that you are sending from the web server. My guess is that you are using Windows Authentication from the web server and the SQL server is having a problem contacting and authenticating against the domain or Active Directory. Sooooo....you will want to investigate why the SQL server is having problems. Try logging on directly to the SQL server with teh account you are using from the web server. If it works, good - but if it doens't you will have more information. Also, try to connect using SQL Enterprise or SQL Query Analyzer from the Web server using the Web credentials to see if that works. Of course, you should check the SQL server machine's event logs for authetnication, time synchronization, and general system log issues. Restart the SQL Server service and see if there is a problem restarting. On some versions of SQL the service account username and password can get out of synch with the domain - an oddity I have never seen adequately explained by Microsoft. Also, make sure you have the most resent Operating System service pack on the SQL server. There are several old issues with SSPI and authentication in Mixed and Windows authentication mode. Hope this helps... Have a "squiffy" good time. Paul
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