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hi, 1st --> we have two servers, ServerA and ServerB, both servers have the same configuration.. there is an application in serverA with documents viewable in IE.. I made a new copy of this application in ServerB (not a replica), the documents are no longer viewable in IE.. i get the error 'page cannot be displayed'.. i am lost! =( and it's weird that when i try to view the document in serverA and serverB, they have the same document ID.. the only difference in the URLs is the server name. isnt it that when you create a copy of a database, the documents included during the copy is suppose to have a different doc id? i am using lotus notes r6.5 by the way.. 2nd --> We have several databases, the documents are not viewable in IE even if the settings of the forms are the same as the onces I created in the past that has documents viewable in IE. Are there specific form or database settings that I could be missing? thanks in advance!

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A lot of things could be wrong in your scenario.
you can view some of the database but not the documents?
The unique id’s are NOT the same. You have taken a copy of the database. The databases won’t have the same replica id. The replica id is a part of the unique id and the documents must have different unique ids!
Therefore if you trying to view the documents using the unique id – this won’t give you the document.


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  • Ethann
    I agree that ther could be any number of problems. I would suggest that you start with the following: Open the database from Server B in your Lotus Notes client. Then do a "Preview in Browser". What happens then ? Check the url. Some other things to check. 1. Is the http (web) task actually running on Server B 2. Is the ACL of the database on Server A, the same as on Server B. 3. Did you copy the database to the same directory sturcture on Server B. This will affect the url that you should use. Regards Ethann Castell Caliton Innovations www.caliton.com
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  • JohnTR
    Another point to investigate are keywords. If keyword lookups can not be found, pages can not be displayed and the error messages are not the same as if the Notes client was returning the error. There are two things you can do to help make troubleshooting easier. 1. If you are using IE, there is an option under the Internet Option, Advance tab, for "Show friendly HTTP error messages". Turn it off and restart the browser. 2. Make use of the $$Return... error messaging; there are four.. Do a search in designer help for "$$Return*", you should find the "Displaying a customized error message on the Web"; it will list them all. Hope this helps. John
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  • Markros
    * Are there any other web enabled databases on server B that DO work, or is it just this database?
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  • Jhemm21
    hi guys! thanks for the suggestions.. other databases are working fine with IE on both servers.. i tried recreating the form.. adding the fields one by one.. for the first few fields, i am able to view the document in IE.. when i got to the fields that perform look ups, i get the page cannot be displayed error.. so i assumed like what you suggested that it was these fields that was causing the error.. what i did was created a new form with computed fields that would be used solely to display the information on the original documents in IE.. and it worked! like a charm! thanks again you guys! =)
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