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Windows Deployment Services
Helo, my question is about WDS (Windows deployment services), I'll try to be short. I have a working WDS server. I can upload images and create them on my testing network, and after that deploy them. The problem is that WDS will not recognize a volume if it has not been prepared by sysprep tool (I am talking about Windows Vista Business). I do prepare the volume with no problem, but when I upload the image and deploy it, I can see that I lost all preconfiguration: Drivers, Windows activations, date settings .... only updates remain. Now, I need some advice and help how to sort this out... is it possible to keep this configuration somehow (drivers, activation and so on...). I need to prepare this basic configurations before putting the computers into the domain. Thanks in advance, I hope I did not forget to mention some detail, this is my 1st question here. Regards

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Part 1 – add boot.wim to WDS

Step 1. Get your Windows Vista DVD ready.

Step 2. Insert the DVD and start WDS (windows deployment services) gui.

Reduced: 67% of original size [ 951 x 394 ] – Click to view full image

Step 3. In the Left Pane of WDS, select boot images

Step 4. In the Right Pane, right click the mouse and choose ‘Add Boot Image’.

Step 5. In the Add Image Wizard, click the Browse button and browse to the Sources folder on your Vista DVD that you inserted in Step 2.

Step 6. Highlight the file called boot.wim and click Open, once done Click Next

Reduced: 91% of original size [ 700 x 525 ] – Click to view full image

Step 7. In the next window, change the Image name from “Microsoft Windows Longhorn Setup (x86)” to ‘WDS – Windows XP/Vista Deployment’

Step 8. Change the image description to ‘WDS to capture/deploy images from windows-noob.com’

Step 9. Click next to review the settings, and next again to proceed.

Step 10. After the file copying is complete click on Finish.

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Nov 14 2007, 12:06 PM
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Part 2 – create Capture file

Step 1. Highlight the ‘WDS – Windows XP/Vista Deployment’ image name in the right pane of the WDS gui (this is the image you just created in Part 1 above).

Step 2. Right-click on it, and choose Create Capture Boot Image

Reduced: 68% of original size [ 931 x 373 ] – Click to view full image

Step 3. In the next Windows (capture image metadata) leave the Image Name and Image Descriptions alone, and click on the Browse button.

Step 4. Browse to the RemoteInstall\Boot\X86\Images folder (or X64 if using X64), this folder is part of the original WDS setup.

Step 5. Give the filename you are about to create a name eg: RemoteInstall\Boot\X86\Images\windows-noob_capture and click open, then click next, the wizard will auto append .WIM to the filename.

Step 6. The wizard will now start to extract the image from the source image file.

Once it is complete, click Finish.

Part 2a – add Capture file to WDS

Step 1. In WDS, select Boot Images in the left pane.

Step 2. in the Right Pane (in an empty area) right-click and choose Add Boot Image

Step 3. In the add image file window, browse to RemoteInstall\Boot\X86\Images and select the capture file you created above, click open and then next.

Step 4. set the Image name to ‘Windows Vista/XP WDS capture’ and the Image description to ‘WDS to capture images from windows-noob.com’, click next.

Step 5. Review the choices and click next to add this capture boot image.

once done WDS will look like this

Reduced: 67% of original size [ 950 x 373 ] – Click to view full image

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Nov 14 2007, 12:23 PM
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Part 3 – PXE boot target computer and capture image

Step 1. Ensure that PXE boot is enabled in boot sequence, and PXE boot (using your onboard NIC) to the WDS server. Press F12 when prompted for Network Service boot.

Step 2. In the Windows Boot Manager Menu, select Windows Vista/XP WDS Capture from the available options.

Step 3. After Windows PE has booted, you should see a welcome screen which says

Welcome to the Windows Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard.

Click next to begin.

If you do not see this welcome screen (for example if you see an Install Windows wizard with keyboard layout options) then power off the computer and re-attempt step 1.

Step 4. Image capture source:

There are three options here, Volume to capture, Image name, and image description.

Note:-If the Volume to Capture drop down menu appears blank (ie: you can’t select anything) then verify that you have Sysprepped the image you are trying to capture. In addition, You must sysprep using the generalize switch. After sysprepping with the /generalize switch it will show up.

If you need to sysprep the machine then read this guide and return to part 3 when ready.

If volume to capture still doesnt show up after sysprepping with the /generalize switch then perhaps WinPE may need storage drivers (SATA). To verify this, once you’re in WinPE, hit Shift+F10 and see if you can see the hard drives. If you can, then WinPE has the drivers for storage and there was some problem when you sysprepped the disk.

For Volume to Capture, select C:\ from the drop down menu (will not be present unless you have SYSPREPPED)
For Image Name call it ‘Windows Vista Ultimate Capture’ (if you are capturing Windows XP, change accordingly)
For Image Description, enter ‘WDS – Windows (vista/xp) captured image for windows-noob.com’

Step 5. Image Capture Destination:

Here you have the possibility of storing the image on a drive (local) by choosing Name and Location, and clicking Browse and giving the image a filename, the wizard will auto-append .wim to the file name eg: c:\test_capture.wim.

Next you want to upload the image directly to your WDS server by putting a check mark in the ‘Upload Image to WDS server’ option, you will have to provide the servername (or use the ip address eg: and then click on the connect button. After some moments you’ll be prompted with a username/password prompt for connecting to the server. I entered Administrator as the user and entered the correct password and selected ‘remember my password’, followed by ‘ok’. If you do not get prompted for username/password and it complains about not finding the server then read here.

Once you have successfully connected to the server you may get an error which states:-

“There is no image group on the WDS server ‘’. Please use WDS Management to create an image group.”

If you do not get this error, skip to Step 6.
To resolve this error simply go back into the WDS management gui, and select ‘Install Images’ in the left pane. In the right pane that opens, right-click your mouse and choose ‘Add Image Group’. Give this group the name ‘WDS XP captures’ and retry the above step (5). Obviously if you are capturing Windows Vista, change the group name accordingly.

Once you’ve added the image group it will appear in the WDS gui like the below screenshot

Step 6. you will now see the ‘Image Group Name’ option on the Windows Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard allows you to drop down the menu, and from here you can select the captured images group you created above.

Step 7. Click Finish to continue (and capture the image). The image capture wizard will start capturing the image and you’ll see a ‘Percent Complete: x%’ dialogue box.

Step 8. After a fairly long while of file copying, Click Close to conclude the image capture process, congratulations you’ve captured an image using WDS !

Please note, that at this point Windows PE will exit and the computer will reboot, if you don’t want it to boot into sysprep then you’ll have to be quick and turn it off at the bios screen.

If everything went well as above, the captured image will have been copied to D:\RemoteInstall\Images\captured images (change the drive letter to match your RemoteInstall drive and obviously the last folder name will change if you use a different image group name), in addition it will be stored locally on the computer you captured the image on (c:\test_capture.wim)

Here are the contents of my captured images folder:-

Directory of D:\RemoteInstall\Images\captured images

11/14/2007 04:08 PM <DIR> .
11/14/2007 04:08 PM <DIR> ..
11/14/2007 04:15 PM 2,485,945,229 Res.RWM
11/14/2007 04:15 PM 2,297,798 test_capture.wim
2 File(s) 2,488,243,027 bytes
2 Dir(s) 11,278,798,848 bytes free

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