Want to change the font type in iSeries

AS/400 fonts
How can we change the Font type & Font size in iserires as 400.

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If you are talking about the display, this would be a function of your 5250 emulator. If you are talking about spool files, look at the CHGPRTF command.

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  • Whatis23
    If you're using Client Access as your emulator, in your open session click on Edit on the menu bar, preferences, then appearence. There you will see a few options including Font.
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  • Koohiisan
    ...that works unless you are using IBM's Client Access for Linux. With that you are stuck with the same junky looking font with no way to change it (that I have ever seen, anyway). If you are stuck in that scenario, I'd recommend tn5250j as it allows just about as much configuration as the IBM Windows Client Access.
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  • Brijesh

    The programming reference manual for your specific printer will contain the list of supported fonts.  If you try to print an unsupported font, either the AS/400 print support programs will try to substitute a font code that is valid for your printer or the bad font request can get passed to the printer, and the printer tries to substitute the font it thinks is the closest fit.

    Common print data streams include SNA character Stream (SCS), used for basic printing if lists with a single font and little in the way of formatting; Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS), for more sophisticated laser-printer type printing with graphics, fonts, etc.; and Advanced Function Printing/Presentation (AFP), an abstracted printer and job definition protocol that is typically translated into a native printer language like IPDS, PJL.PCL, or Postscript. Once you get up to AFP printing, things get complicated on the font front.  Probably the best resources to help you understand the complexities of AS/400 printing (including font tables for common printers). Here are two references IBM AS/400 PrintingiSeries Printer Device Programming

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