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I am trying to commission a network of Cisco Call Manager Express systems with (mainly) Cisco 521 phones connected to a private IP network for a corporate client. Prior to the "proper" solution being introduced a temporary solution using Asterisk with Grandstream GX-2000 phones was installed to provide limited service. Both solutions are using SIP between the sites, G729 codecs and run over the same IP network. The IP network is satellite so the latency is large and there is quite a lot of jitter. My problem is that even though the systems are connected to the same network, the Asterisk/Grandstream solution sounds so much better than the Cisco/Cisco solution. Heavily used satellite IP networks are never going to provide perfect voice quality. Is this just the way it is? If so how to I explain it to the client? Thanks

Software/Hardware used:
Cisco CME, CP-521, Asterisk, Grandstream GX2000

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it all depends on the network at the same time the traffic coming in or out in the network that affects the quality call when receiving or placing a call on a VoIP networks, the best way to explain to the client is give him/her the lowdowns on the technology how it works without being too technical on him/her..use an analogy in explaining it,..probably like this approach by explaining to him/her when you make a phone call over an VoIP networks, tell the when they make a phone call their speech is being converted into digital signals and being transmitted over the network and later being reassemble them into one piece(regardless if they calling into analog phone receivers..so called POTS(plain old telephone system), the following factors that may affect the quality of call if theres too much traffic over the network, making the digital signal takes a while to be assembled thats why sometimes you would hear that voice being echoed or choppy and ideally a VoIP works in an ideal world if the networks not too crowded when receiving / placing a phone call..so i hope i give you an idea how to explain it on your client without making you totally an alien to them who speak a different language.

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  • Callsvoip
    For VoIP using you need to download and install software. Owing to this program you can phone to fixed number or video call, as you wish. Also, you can send sms through IP-phone. Voip providers It is convenient and simple to use this program. You can phone and send sms through your country and all over the world.
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  • Sixball
    VOIP is the process of transmitting sound over an IP network, you reall ydont need "software installed" for that.. Devices like ATA's / Voice gateways are HARDWARE devices that convert analog to digital for the use over IP networks... To answer the OP, codecs G711u and g.729b offer better sound, typically, over distances w/ fewer issues..
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