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We are looking at VoIP QoE/QoS solutions and would like to know if anyone have had experience with Apparent Networks PathView/PacketView and/or Edgewater Network Edgeview, can you share some real world pros and cons of both solutions?

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VoIP QOS is an important consideration for businesses moving to Internet telephony. Voice over Internet Protocol Quality of Service, is a practice that is used in VOIP services to determine the overall performance of a VOIP network. while QOS is used in other systems especially in computer networks, but it is more important in VOIP services because of the high demand for real-time delivery of voice packets and handling of calls. VOIP QOS has several important advantages like for eg. VOIP QOS is used to inform customers about the level of quality of a VOIP network. It is also used by VOIP network itself to compare measurements to and adjust specific attributes accordingly in order to achieve maximum performance. But it has some disadvantages like, that referes, as VOIP QOS is misleading for many customers who assume that a VOIP network will always provide the level of quality promised by the QOS rating. Where QOS is sometimes used to mislead customers and produce a “general customer satisfaction” ratio (which mentioned earlier). Consider the following when implementing….
1. Take care about both cost & quality
2. Check & if possible compare service providers’ QOS statistics
3. Must install network components, including switches and routers (if any, and I hope so)
4. Before investing clear ur all query, and KnowHow of network monitoring tools to check LANs and WANs for bottlenecks
5. Always prefer for high quality IP phones and last but not least, involve more expertise for this purpose !

And the VoIP Quality of Experience / VoIP QoE…. is subjective & relates to the actual perceived quality of a service by users & it applies to Voice, MultiMedia & Data. it is a measurement used to determine how well network satisfies end users requirements. In contrast to Quality of Service (QoS) a measurement of network operating conditions such as Noise, Crosstalk, or lost or Dropped Packets, in telecommunications terminology, QoE takes into consideration the end-to-end connection and applications that are currently running over that network connection and how multimedia elements such as Internet video or IPTV networks are satisfying or meeting the end users requirements. The relationship between a performance-based QoS parameter has a resulting effect on the end users QoE since a high network performance is required to meet QoE objectives.

If u have more query on the same topic, Kindly update me.

Hope it helps u !

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  • carlosdl
    "If u have more query on the same topic, Kindly update me" Well, the original question remains unanswered. Let's hope someone else responds with something about the specific products Dpengster is evaluating.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Please wait, Let's wait for the question asker's reply !
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  • Sixball
    @ DPengster: Although we've not used those proposed solutions, please remember that QOS starts within your own network. Those apps seem great, but be sure that your infrastructure and own network settings are configured for whatever QOS/QOE solution you eventually go with.. That said, double-check w/ your ITSP/VOIP provider to see what they support and/or recommend..
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