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We currently have several offices and key distributors across the world. Currently we are using VoIP systems to contact each other, but having our main manufacturing unit in UAE where VoIP is illegal causes many problems mainly due to the only ISP blocking access to SIP ports. I understand there is a system whereby we can connect the PBX's of all offices using VPN hardware which would effectively let us contact each other by directly dialling extension numbers, completely eliminating the need to use the telephone lines between offices. Would you be able to guide me as to how this could be done and which hardware could work? In UAE we have do not have static IP's, would this cause any problems?

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When you say you don’t have static IP’s in the UAE does that mean you have NONE? If you have at least one I would setup a sonicwall vpn. This can be done dynamically but it will need to use something DDNS. Once their is a sonicwall on each vpn endpoint you add the different networks together.

In my situation we have,,, and all of them are spread out across the world. There are at least 1.5mb connections between them. Your phone switch would need to utilize your lan via IP phones.

Depending on the amount of handsets is the size of the phone switch you will need, For a 10 line operation I recommend a talkSwitch but for anything more serious than that even though it is expensive I use Avaya equipment.

Once all your networks are on the network and your phone switch is set to utilize the network to get to the IP phones – you will be able to dial an extension in the good old US of A and hit the UAE for FREE!

Let me know if I can further elaborate. And here are links for the talk switch and Sonicwall.

You will need to also lock down QOS on your network so you can prioritize the voice traffic over the data. Or you can utilize seperate lines for this. On a T1 you can get 24 channels (calls) any more you can do the math yourself!

Anything else let me know!

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  • Zubergaffar
    A very detailed answer there, sheds alot of light on the matter. We currently have a SonicWall TZ170 which I believe supports VPN connections. We are using this for Remote Access and Internet Security. As static IPs are only available on the extremely expensive Leased Lines, we are using DynDNS to dynamically track our IP. Is this suitable for the application? In our UK office we have a BT Pathway PBX system which, as far as I am aware, does not have IP connectivity. As it is a recent installation, is there a way of purchasing an add-on instead of having to replace the full phone system? Our UAE office is due a new system, so this isn't so much of an issue. Your help on this matter is much appreciated.
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  • Denny Cherry
    I would be very careful installing a VOIP solution between your offices and the UAE. If it's illegal to use VOIP there I wouldn't. They take there laws very seriously over there, and getting caught using VOIP could cause your office managers and/or any execs at that facility could be arrested. Have your corporate lawyers check into what could possibly happen before you make and plans or do any installs. Many of the legal systems in the middle east are not as forgiving as the US system is, and great care should be taken to ensure that your company won't be breaking the laws of those countries.
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