VLAN setup

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HP ProCurve
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
VLAN configuration
VLAN Setup
We have a very simple network setup using static IP throughout our campus.

We are now looking at using DHCP to provide internet only access to our clients and students who bring their own IT equipment on site. Whilst we have networking and IT experience we have not touched VLANs before at all.

We have a Server 2003 environment and have bought wireless hardware which supports VLAN use.

The switches it and the server connect to are a 3Com 2226 and a HP Procurve 2650.

Could anyone offer some advice on how to setup the VLAN just to include the wireless traffic and a route to our proxy server?

Thanks in advance.

Software/Hardware used:
Server 2003, 3Com 2226, Procurve 2650

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IP network addressing, VLANs, and Internet access methods are three different animals.

The KISS strategy (Keep It Simple Stu**d) is the best strategy.

The wireless LAN can be a separate IP subnet (a.k.a. VLAN) or subnets. This is preferable.

I would not recommend DHCP for some stations, and not for others. Make all or most clients DHCP addresses. This is an old and accepted practice.

DHCP is great at handing out addresses automatically and managing them. Routers are great at creating and maintaining VLANs.

Keep it simple. Do not implement solutions that only address one current issue. Eventually you will have many solutions to many problems, all trying to inter-operate. It can be a mess and can introduce entirely new and unexpected problems – costly problems.

Good luck!.

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  • Ccie7335
    So Stu--- It sounds like you want to introduce a network (wireless) so folks can come in and get on the Internet while protecting your private network. Right? If that is the case you will need to create another VLAN on your HP Switch. I suspect this switch does not do routing so this gets messy. So, on that new VLAN give two of your switch ports access to it. Plug in the 3Com AP into one of the ports and the other needs to go to the Server 2003 (hopefully you have a second NIC) Decide on a new subnet... example Make your NIC on the server (no gateway) Turn on DHCP Server on the Server 2003. Create a Scope for /24 exclude Configure the AP as an AP so it broadcast whatever SSID you create. It's up to you if you want to add security for the SSID.... I would. Use WPA2 PSK. Now that you have done this... make sure your proxy knows about the new subnet you added. if that is configured properly... then this should work. This is the poor mans way to do this. If you have the money I would get a Cisco 3560 with a L3 IOS running on it. This would solve all of your problems. This whole thing is very un-secure. You can get a 3560 on eBay fairly cheap. Just remember to get one with an L3 image. If you do that... come back to the discussion and I will help you there.
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