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Please help me complete this program! My task is to create a program to count the number of times the letter "a" occurs in a given string. the user will enter a string in a text box and the number of occurances of "a" will be displayed when the user clicks a button. I have already done the form and the user inputs a string into a text box named "txtinput" the answer is then displayed in a label named "lblOutput" I just need to know the code associated with the click event of the calculate button called "btnCalculate" Please email me the solutions at thank you.

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I think that if you are really learning youself Visual Basic, so you should be really try to figure out this?
One solution is to search each postion of a string to find if the string postion value is the same as letter “a” (in your case) and then just add the result into a counter.

Here’s a simple solution, which counts the occurances of “a” in TextBox1 and displays the result in TexbtBox2.

Note that this is a case-sensitive (and hard-coded) solution. This code only calculates the occurrances of letter “a” (not “A”). If you want to count both lower and upper case occurrances, you could try to think about that yourself.

Dim iCount As Integer
Dim iStringLen As Integer
Dim iPos
Dim sString As String

iCount = 0

sString = Text1.Text ‘string given by user

For iPos = 1 To Len(sString)
‘ search each positition of the string
‘the Len() function calculates the length of the string.
‘ Comapre each postion with “a”
If Mid(sString, iPos, 1) = “a” Then
iCount = iCount + 1
End If
‘ Display the result
Text2.Text = iCount


Kaj B.

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  • Satyam79
    Public Class Form1 Dim SearchString As String Dim SearchChar As String = "a" Dim TestPos As Integer = 0 Dim lcnt As Integer Dim acnt As Integer Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click SearchString = TextBox1.Text lcnt = SearchString.Length() acnt = 0 TestPos = 0 For i As Integer = 1 To lcnt TestPos = InStr(i, SearchString, SearchChar, CompareMethod.Text) If TestPos > 0 Then acnt = acnt + 1 i = TestPos End If Next i Label1.Text = acnt.ToString() End Sub End Class
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