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My computer had several viruses and I contacted the geeksquad for some help. The person on the other line told me to defrag my disk using the system tool menu, followed by check disk. I questioned him if this was correct thing to do for viruses, he said yes; however I did not think so. Afterwards I lost my office assistant and start menu bar. What can I do - I told him that it was wrong? marie in new york

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it’s suscpisious to me that even a geek squad rep (even whith their poor reputation for quality staff) would have said something so ridiculous unless there were other factors involved which you didn’t disclose. but if he did, it’s worth a good laugh at least. If the items disappeared after running the defrag, that’s really odd. You probably need some real expert help to be connected to your PC remotely to figure out what is wrong. Are you sure the viruses have been revmoved? You may also be dealing with spyware (particularly if your internet explore toolbars are effected. I’m guessing you aren’t very technical, so why not call one of the local providers who can give you complete remote support (they can do it themselves remotely with remote control utilities if you give them permission). Sedlock Associates can probably help, but i don’t know what their web site is. You can look it up on google. hydra network ( can do the same thing, but also has technicians that can come to you if needed (located in new york). Both of these are better solutions in my opinion than geek squad (cheaper and more knowledgable). I think you are in over your head, but if you want to try to resolve it yourself, download an antispyware program and see if that fixes it. Also, rerun your antivirus software if you have it (or contact hydra network for a free virus scan). See if that fixed your issues. sorry, can’t be of more help. these issues are quite compicated.

Defragmentation and checkdisk are both utility software that only maintains the hard disk drives efficiency to access files. Basically, they are only done to speedup the computer system. When we talk about viruses, an effective and updated antivirus software could only do the thorough scanning and deleting of potential viruses.

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  • Wajak3
    Hi Marie, I quite agree with the last reply. The piece of advice from "Geek Squad" sounds...terrible. A good (as well as free) anti-spyware product is Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE (Personal Edition). To download same, go to this site... Make sure once you download it, you update same as well before running the scan. You can also run a free virus scan via Trend Micro's website. Go to Another thing, and probably your best option if you can afford it and do not feel knowledgeable or experienced enough to clear the viruses yourself, is to get in touch with the companies mentioned earlier for remote support. If they can remotely logon to your PC, even better! Like they say, there's many ways to skin a rat, so try which best seats with you! Cheers, J. ps: your missing start menu bar may be due to the explorer process having been shut down. If that is case, a reboot of your machine may be all you need. You'll still have to clear off all the malicious software (viruses, spyware, malware etc) though!
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  • Idesign4u
    The 2 previous replies are good advice -- but before you spend the money, let me ask you this? "How 'computer-literate' are you?" If I would tell you to go to certain websites and download some programs, and you would understand what I am saying to do, then you are probably informed enough to fix the problem yourself -- or you may opt to pay for help. You definately got bad advice from the Geek-Squad rep. Defraging will NEVER get rid of a virus or spyware! (One of the services that my company offers is to go to peoples' homes or places of business and remove viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. from their machines. If you want to try it yourself, then answer a couple of questions first... 1) Do you have an anti-virus program installed, up-to-date, and running on your system? (If not, you will need one! I recommend "Avast" by Alwil software -- it's free! ( 2) Do you have a Firewall running on your system? (If not, get one! I recommend "Zone Alarm" by Zone Labs -- also free! ( 3) Do you have any anti-spyware programs on your system? (If you do, you should run them about once a month -- unless you like to surf the internet a lot, in which case they should be run more frequently. The best ones that I recommend are "Spybot Search and Destroy" by PepiMK Software (; and "Ad-Aware SE Personal" by LavaSoft ( -- both which are free also! there are other good ones, but these two are my favorites. I recommend using at least 2 or more to be safe! One thing to note and be aware of: there are companies and individuals on the internet that will pop-up or otherewise display messages on your system that you have a spyware infection and then offer to clean and protect your system if you'll just "Click here..." -- DON'T DO IT!!! Most of these ARE spyware programs that will really mess your system up! Don't ever click on (and download) ANYTHING unless you KNOW the company, individual, or have been told to do so by a reputable source! Once you have answered and/or acted on the three previous questions, you need to have your system 'cleaned'. There are several on-line services that will do it. McAfee is one good one (, as well as Trend Micro ( -- they both offer paid and some free services. (They can scan your computer online.) After you have any viruses cleaned off, you should load and run your anti-virus program (If you didn't already have one). By-the-way, if you already had one on your system, you should disable it (or even remove it) before having your system scanned by one of the services listed in the previous paragraph!) And if you already had one, you should consider REPLACING IT since it obviously wasn't doing its job -- that is, if a virus was found during the scan. Next, you need to run the anti-spyware program listed above, to remove any nasty spyware or trojans your system may have on it. And be aware, there are some that cannot be easily be removed, that you may have to pay someone to remove for you. Once your system is virus and spyware free, you need to make your that you have a Firewall AND good Anti-Virus software running BEFORE you go out onto the internet. This should prevent any further problems. That's about as brief, yet thorough as I can be at this point. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions.
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  • DrillO
    All the previous respondants are very good and obviously know what they are taling about. What I want to bring to this is some advice that the others touched on. You really need to find someone you trust to assist you with your needs regarding support for your PC. It helps if there is someone local to you. Just because a company has a big ad campaign or is backed by a major chain, doesn't really mean that they can or will meet your needs. All too often I run into situations where support personnel are hired by people who don't know how to hire them or they are reading from a script. This can be really dangerous. Ask around at local small to medium businesses and see who they use. They will be able to tell you who can be trusted and who can't. It is worth it to do some research and get someone that you can feel comfortable with for all your tech support needs. Paul
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  • Ramheka
    All advice given is great even with the best firewall and spayware the same could happen again and again. even the top technician does the same error, what makes linux more stable it is not the stability of its kernel you just don't use yor system as a super user. the main advice I can give you is that backup your data wipe your computer install windows patch it up then create a user account with minimum rights and use it for your day to day surfing and word processing. a compromised box is no good for anything make sure to use passwords that are bigger than 7 characters.
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