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Using the command line prompt in windows (the black box) which command i can use to scan my machine for viruses without using any virus scan tools ?

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Fair warning – I’m going to be irritated with you.

/rant ON

There are 3 or 4 major vendors (depending on how you count them), and dozens of smaller vendors in this (anti-virus) marketplace. You’ve provided ZERO information on your O/S, your brand, style and version of anti-virus, and you expect us to somehow magically come up with an answer for you.

Have you bothered to read the instructions that came with it?

/rant OFF

seriously, we are not the psychic tech support network. What we (as a group) are able to do, is to shed some light on a problem when we’re given background information, and we can match that to each of our personal experience in this business.

Every manufacturer has their own commands, options, etc. – and changes those through time, as they learn what works.

When you said “without using any virus scan tools”, that pretty much eliminates what most of us do or use.

Is is possible that you meant “No GUI tools” ?

In complete fairness, I’m not just picking on you, but on all the people who throw vague, hopeful questions on this forum – somehow hoping that we (as a group) will figure out what you really meant, and provide a step-by-step solution. I’m sorry, but much as we like to help, we can’t. We’ve got to have more information to go on than “it’s broke”.



It is not actually possible to scan your computer system manually for viruses or any malicious programs installed. You still need to use a third party software tools like antivirus or antimalware programs. Make sure that you use an effective and latest antivirus software for your computer security.

You are referring to manually scan potential viruses to your computer system. It is actually hard to do this stuff because it is too complex. You don’t need to make the situation more complicated, just an antivirus software and scan your computer system.

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  • 1911snapon
    Is this a test. More information of your operating system would be helpful, but no Windows Operating system that I know of at the moment comes with integrated virus protection. However, Microsoft does have a beta version of their virus protection on their Web site.
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  • Suprtiger
    Something strange going on here. I don't understand how this message got posted. I was looking last week for a way to find out how to get into XP without a password. I had a machine that go zapped by a spike or a surge and a password prompt keptt coming up it should not have been there and at the recovery prompt, I kept getting asked for a password. There are a couple of othere posts here that I have not asked. Sorry for the mistake.
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  • Cglancy
    Scan for viruses 'without' anti-virus software on your machine (regardless of the Win OP system)? ... There is no such thing. You can however get free anti-virus software from grisoft called AVG. Or you can go to several online sites and get a free online scan (like
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  • Janko43
    I suppose you're using a MS OS. Scanning a PC for virus without Antivirus programm is only possible with on-line scanner, but you'll need an internet connection. For detailed answer you'll need to put a detailed question! Bye
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  • Compuman2053
    Some versions of windows were writen with this utility included,but is is a safe bet that there are some major flaws in its design. As a program writer and a White Hat Hacker ,and a Virus writer I am in constant touch with the underground world of Virus writers ,a white and black hat Hackers, the best in the world. Code errors are as common as programs because a writer has to turn out code like cazy you got to accept that there will be flaws in the code due to the rush orders for new codes to meet new threats.I strongly suggest that you download a free version of anti-virus or purchase the full package, jus to be safe from some of my compatriots, who mught not live by the same code as
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