Virtual machine disconnect when removing/creating snaphot

Outlook .PST Files
Veeam 4.0
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I posted this to the veeam community forum, I am replicating a server that contains outlook pst files plus .iso files that another application uses for stored data. It seems that either when a snapshot is created or removed (I'm not sure which) for the purpose of running the replication job Outlook clients (as well as those using the other application) are momentarily disconnected from these files and the only way for them to reconnect is to close the application and restart it. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Here’s my server ver 4.1 of Veeam and vSphere 4.0. 1 x IBM x3650 Server Veem’s reply was: Most likely this issue is related to snapshot removal procedure, the same issue is discussed in the following topic, please look through it and continue posting there if needed: Snapshot removal issues of a large VM ( (Mine) I have followed most of the advised from the link , such as manually creating a snapshot then removing the snapshot by the use of snapshot manager (delete all) for all the vm's (all vm's has no previous snapshots or remnants) on this host , run Veeam backup job with both Veeam VSS and VMware Tools quiescence disabled in the Advanced job but still this disconnect issue won't go away. Even created a separate port group, switch and vmnic assigned solely for this server but still some downtime happens. (Veeam) If you can reproduce this issue by manually creating and removing snapshot with quiescence disabled, then we recommend taking this issue to VMware support. Veeam simply issues API call asking VMware to create and/or remove snapshot, we do not do anything beyond that. The actual snapshot processing is done by ESX host. It looks like certain part of this process does not go as expected, and this is causing timeouts. Thanks! (Mine) Can anyone shed more light on this. This disconnection is causing grief.

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The problem may not be the host but where the VM lives (VMFS). Do you have it stored locally on this one server or is it on a NAS/SAN? It’s possible the issue could be the latency between the host and the VMFS volume. If it’s iSCSI, I would recommend enabling Jumbo Frames as long as your SAN supports it (it should but not always).

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  • thunderboy123
    Hi Aquacer, I'm suprised this has been answered anyways the disconnection is still happening we are now on 4.1 U1, the snapshots are stored locally, backup and replication jobs goes to NAS (netgear NAS). I have read somewhere that it's the locking mechanism of NFS/NAS that causes this some intermittent downtime, although it automatically reconnects after a while. But as I said the snaphots are stored locally. I'm hoping that the future patch of VMware resolves this.
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