Does Veritas NETbackup 6.5 encrypt data in backup tape?

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Dear All, During a risk assessment exercise, I realized that my backup admin does not encrypt data in backup tapes. He argues, it is not required as an adversary cannot recover/read data from the backup tape, assuming its stolen, if he does not have the corresponding catalog. He further adds that catalog is kept secure. We are using Veritas netbackup 6.5. I am unfamiliar with the technology, hence would want to know the following: a) If catalogs are secure, why should the software have a feature for encrypting data in the backup tape? b) If the argument is invalid, how can an adversary read/recover the data from the stolen backup tapes, even if he does not have the catalog. Please help in articulating the risk. Any help in this regard is appreciated. Thanks in anticipation

Software/Hardware used:
veritas 6.5

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Here is a link that can help…..

Veritas NetBackup ™ 6.5 Security and Encryption Guide: Provides security configuration and administration information for NetBackup 6.5 administrators, including: – Security Deployment Models – Access control security – Firewall Configuration – Firewall ports used for communication – How to back up data through a firewall.

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  • AlaaSamarji
    i think you need to look at this from a different perspective. nowadays encryption software are up for grabs be it Symantec or any other vendor and all claiming they can do the job. my best advise in this regard is to look at the data encryption from SAN where your data leave your SAN in a higly encrypted and secured manner and does not require a 3rd party encryption tool that simply adds up in your overhead. if you would accomplished that, you will never have to worrya bout the well being of the symantec server or stolen data/tapes. i would advise using an Oracle ZFS storage system that have the best compression/encryption capabilities in the market with a very tangible and good price not to mention performance( its a unix box at the end of it ) you may want to contact your oracle dealer to examine that option. if you are using any of the oracle software you might find yourself with a very excellent offering in that regard that can bring you values you didn't see before.
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  • Denny Cherry
    If the tapes are doing to leave your facility they should be encrypted. Just because I don't have the catalog for your tapes doesn't mean I can't read the tapes and get all sorts of useful information off of them. Send me a backup of your customer database and I'm willing to bet that I can get all sorts of need information off of it. Besides, I'd bet that the tape catalog is also sent to the same offsite storage facility that the tapes are. If it isn't, what happens when your building that houses the catalog is destroyed in a natural disaster and you need to restore from tape and you no longer have the catalog?
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  • The Most-Watched IT Questions: December 13, 2011 - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] A member stumbles upon a security risk: Their tape backups aren’t encrypted. The community debates whether it’s necessary or not. [...]
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  • Genderhayes
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