Verion of AS/400 Operating System

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How to know the Version of operating system in AS/400?




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Hi Jayanta,

This topic has been discussed numerous times before, perhaps you want to check the Database for the answers.

One possibility is to type DSPSFWRSC and then F11 where you can see all the installed versions of the software on your system.


The fastest way I know, is to use the display data area command on QSS1MRI.


I use this data area in programs when I need to know what the version is for some programing issues.



I use the DSPPTF command. This will display the current release as well as the latest cume ptf installed.


The quickest way to determine the version of the OS is to use the DSPPTF command. Of course you need authroity to use the command. We are at V5R4M5 and that command displays it correctly.
That Data Area shows V5R4M000


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  • TopKat
    Jayanta, From other forums I learned that even IBM doesn't consider data area QSS1MRI reliable. They recommend using the QSZRTVPR API. I copied this code from an answer given by Scott Klement. It works quite well: PGM PARM(&RELEASE) DCL VAR(&RELEASE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(6) DCL VAR(&RCVVAR) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(32) DCL VAR(&RCVLEN) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(4) DCL VAR(&PRODINFO) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(27) DCL VAR(&ERRCODE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(8) CHGVAR VAR(%BIN(&RCVLEN 1 4)) VALUE(32) CHGVAR VAR(%BIN(&ERRCODE 1 4)) VALUE(0) CHGVAR VAR(%SST(&PRODINFO 1 7)) VALUE('*OPSYS') CHGVAR VAR(%SST(&PRODINFO 8 6)) VALUE('*CUR') CHGVAR VAR(%SST(&PRODINFO 14 4)) VALUE('0000') CHGVAR VAR(%SST(&PRODINFO 18 10)) VALUE('*CODE') CALL PGM(QSZRTVPR) PARM(&RCVVAR + &RCVLEN + 'PRDR0100' + &PRODINFO + &ERRCODE) CHGVAR VAR(&RELEASE) VALUE(%SST(&RCVVAR 20 6)) ENDPGM Hope this helps.
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  • chenthil
    simple way is open any spool file in your as400 you can see the version of the OS on top left of the spool file ( 7th line from top )
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  • qmaster
    the other way to check the OS version is..... Enter GO LICPGM and take opton 11 and take option "F11" you can see.
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    hi qmaster , f11 option is not there in that screen please check PCSTSK IBM i Access Tasks System: SEDEVAS1 Select one of the following: User Tasks 1. Copy PC document to database 2. Copy database to PC document 3. Work with documents in folders 4. Work with folders 5. PC Organizer Administrator Tasks 20. Work with IBM i Access Administrators 21. Enroll IBM i Access Users 22. Configure PC connections 23. Work with line description query status 24. Start servers for IBM i Access Clients More... Selection or command ===> F3=Exit F4=Prompt F9=Retrieve F12=Cancel F13=Information Assistant F16=System Main menu Function key not allowed.
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  • ToddN2000
    If you are restricted by commands you can use, take a look at a program compile listing. It will be on the top left of every page starting in position 10.
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  • TomLiotta
    f11 option is not there in that screen please check Yes, it is. PCSTSK IBM i Access Tasks You are showing the PCSTSK menu, but Qmaster said to use the LICPGM menu. Tom
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