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Can anybody help me, I'm wanting to create a client/server application in Visual Basic.NET to provide a network administrator with a remote enquiry tool (NetAdminSystem). The NetAdminSys tool should consist of two programs: the NetAdminSys server that is running on a remote computer (that acts as a network file server) and the NetAdminSys client program that can be run from any pc on the internet to connect to the NetAdminSys server. The NetAdminSys server software should only be accessable using a username and password over a secure channel (using encription). The usernames and password hashes should be stored in a file. The NetAdminSys server maintains a log file that keeps track of each time the administrator logs in and the tasks undertaken. It should also keep track of failed attempts to login with details of date, time, IP address of client, username and password. The Administrator would use the NetAdminSys client application to log in to the NetAdminSys server using a username and password. Once verified, a number of functions should be available: 1. Display the last 5 entries in the NetAdminSys server log 2. Display the current amount of free disk space 3. Display the number of files These results should be displayed in the NetAdminSys client application Appropriate security functions should be included in the client system(i.e Incorrect username and password messages from the server should be handled). Communications vetween client and server should be secure. The NetAdminSys server software should use a file or database for storing all system information(just include some dummy data) This is my final task!! and I would appreciate any feedback and code you may have which could assist me with this, I know this is quite a complex problem however any client/server code in VB .NET would be much appreciated!1 Many Thanks,

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This is a very complex project that you are asking about.

You’ll want to hit up Google and search for client server source code using TCP sockets.

As a side not, most people don’t have a problem pointing others in the correct direction, or answering specific questions. Odds are no one on here will be writing your entire class project for you. When you hit specific stumbling blocks feel free to post those questions on the ITKE.


I agree. You aren’t asking for help. You are asking for someone else to supply the code.

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  • Jerry Lees
    Much of what you are asking can be done with WMI, with the exception of the administrator tracking which could probably be done at a low level with turning your auditing on the systems up. Plus you wouldn't need a client/server application to accomplish the task. Take a look at the Win32 Classes available with WMI, there is a introductory article with a link to them in my blog entry here, titled "Using Windows Management Interface (WMI) to Make Your Life Easy". I hope I haven't missed something, but honestly from what you've mentioned you can get most of this data (and more) with WMI.
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