V5R1-Cache battery status

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Cache battery
how to check cache battery status in V5R1 ?

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You check the battery cache status in the SST.
1. Type: STRSST
2. Login with your SST username and password
3. Option 1, Start Service Tool
4. Option 7, Hardware Service Manager
5. Option 9, Work with resources containing cache battery packs
6. Option 5 on the resource that you want to check the status on.

Regarding Slack400’s response…BE CAREFUL.

I (in hindsight rather stupidly) left the original IBM battery backup on my V5R2 machine (circa 2001) waiting for a message to come up to replace it when necessary.

One day one of our ladies said she noticed a “burning smell” from the computer room. NEVER a good sign! The pack had gotten SO HOT (i mean unbelievably hot) that it took 20 minutes before we could handle it!

I talked to the OEM and he indicated that although the pack was very sturdily built, they have a definite life cycle, in his experience, it’s downhill after 3 years, and then must be replaced. We were WAY outside of that. And yes, they can definitely melt down.

We’ve had similar problems with older small supplies backing up PCs. But larger batteries generate significantly greater heat when they short out.

So just recognize the downside of squeaking more life out of these devices.


Note that the question is about cache batteries, not “backup” batteries. Cache batteries can almost always be placed back in service after their first cycle and reset and used until a replacement can be obtained.

But for <b>any</b> battery, it’s always a good idea to to replace it after the end of its service life.


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  • slack400
    The battery cache on the AS400 has a built in count down from when it was installed. Most of the cache that I work with are set to expire after 36 months. The IBM field technicians will vouch that what I say is true. Those battery packs will last much longer than 36 months. They'll go for 4 to 5 years easily. So if you need to schedule downtime to replace the pack don't rush to get it done. Pick a window that's most convenient for your business even if it's 6 months down the road. Don't rush the repair work just to clear the error message off of the logs.
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  • Lovemyi
    To see the statistics of the cache batteries on V5R1 I think. I know it works at V5R2 but I do not rmrmber how far back it was when IBM first published the answer. Anyway try it and see if it comes up. If not then there is no way but I think it started back in the V4R5 days. STRSST enter SST ID and Password (Case Sensitive) 1. Start a Service Tool 4. Display/Alter/Dump 1. Display/Alter Storage 2. Licensed Internal Code (LIC) data On this screen option 14. You can see it if you page down 14. Advanced Analysis 1 Batteryinfo Next Screen on Options -list -all this shows the cards that have the cache batteries, IBM will need to know this to get the correct battery then F12 and replace -list -all with -info -all This will show the number of days til warning, number of days til errorbattery type, battery state, etc. It is a lot easier on V5R3 and above as it is now one command on the Hardware Manager screen in SST.
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  • Featured Member: DoneThat - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] V5R1-Cache battery status [...]
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