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Hello.. I am having an issue using xml-into when my xml has only an ending tag. I am receiving error "XML document does not match RPG variable". The vendor sending the xml file to me states it is still valid xml and should not cause error. How can I get around this error using xml-into. My xml looks like this..
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <createdOn>2018-10-01 15:45:27 UTC</createdOn>
      <complaint>CAME IN FOR RECALL AA8Z0</complaint>
      <cause>PERFORMED RECALL</cause>
      <correction>COMPLETED RECALL</correction>
and my xml-into looks like this -
XML-INTO estimate %XML(%trim(Pathp1) : 'doc=file path=estimate + case=any allowextra=yes allowmissing=yes + ns=remove countprefix=cnt');
I believe I get the error because <laborTime/> and <parts/> are only ending tags with no beginning tags. I used the allowmissing=yes thinking that would help but still getting error.
Thank you

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Check out this older post from this site on the issue HERE it’s from 2010 but addresses the issue.

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  • TheRealRaven
    You didn't include the message ID, so it's not certain. It appears to be RNQ0353. What did you find when took the 'Recovery' steps given in the message?
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  • clauinger
    Yes the message id is RNQ0353. The recovery steps said you needed to either fix the xml or add allowmissing=Yes to the xml-into statement. I already had the allowmissing=Yes in the xml-statement and the xml is ok. When I searched internet to see if it was valid to have only ending tags, it said yes it was. For instance the   <laborTime/> only was valid xml. So I am not sure why it thinks the xml is not matching RPG variable. Also my data structure is defined as

    estimate        DS                  Qualified            
    d  stage                        20                         
    d  dealerId                     10                         
    d  estimateId                   10                         
    d  vin                          20                         
    d  mileage                       7  0                      
    d  roNumber                     10                         
    d  createdOn                    20                         
    d  items                              LikeDS(items)        
    d  items          DS                  Qualified            
    d   item                              LikeDS(item)         
    d                                     Dim(20)              
    d  item           DS                  Qualified            
    d   lineNumber                  10                         
    d   opcode                      10                         
    d   laborTime                    7  1                      
    d   complaint                  432                         
    d   cause                      432                         
    d   correction                 432                       
    d   warranty                     1                       
    d   policy                       1                       
    d   variation                   10                       
    d   parts                             LikeDS(parts)      
    d  parts          DS                  Qualified          
    d   part                              LikeDS(part)       
    d                                     Dim(99)            
    d  part           DS                  Qualified          
    d   partNumber                  20                       
    d   quantity                     7  1                    
    d   unitPrice                   11  1                    

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  • GregManzo
    Technically <laborTime/> is not an ending tag, it's a closed tag. It's the same as having begin & end with nothing between, ie: <laborTime></laborTime> and yes, it is valid XML. But that doesn't explain your error.
    I've always preferred XML-SAX over XML-INTO because it gives me more control, so I'm not 100% sure but willing to have a guess.
    I notice you have some data elements that are too big for your variables, eg: createdOn & opcode. Can you try making them bigger & see if it helps?
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