using two way radios in data centers.

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Data center operations
Server Frequencies
Can two way radio frequencies interfere with servers? Are there two way radio's that operate outside of server frequencies?

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Servers don’t use radio frequencies. Two way radios shouldn’t interfere with servers at all.

As Mrdenny said servers do not use radio frequencies. If there is any wireless equipment being used you might want to check and see if there will be any interference. According to this site, most of the common walkie talkie style radios use the 462 Mhz range for their carrier.
Wireless “G” and “B” both use 2.4 Ghz and Wireless “A” uses 5Ghz. The new wireless “N” uses 2.4 Ghz also, though the standard is not yet “set”. So these are well away from common hand held radios.
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  • Flame
    Note that some cordless phones use the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz frequency range.
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  • SdAdamH
    To build on Flame/MrDenny's posts, electronics use "shielding" to protect them from radio frequencies. A really cool example of this is to put a two way radio next to a really old computer monitor. You will see that the monitor flickers. This doesn't happen with newer electronic products. In the future, two way radios will be able to communicate through computers. Motorola has really invested a lot of money in the MOTOTRBO , which is a digital two way radio. It has text messaging services and is coming out with an IP interconnect feature in the 4th quarter.
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  • FacilityGuru
    I have not seen any related issues with radio interference on computer servers. However! Best practice methods should be to operate any radio (including cell phones) with enough distance from any other electronic devices. Any device that transmits or emits radio waves could cause issues to some degree. I would not set my cell phone down on top of the server while working on it! Most electronic devices today have a UL listed/rated sticker that includes terminology like; "This unit must accept any interference from outside sources, blah, blah, blah..." Most Data Centers use FRS Walkie-Talkie radios to perform regular and emergency operations with no reported interference problems whatsoever. I wouldn't operate a 100 watt HAM radio right next to your financial file server, no matter how shielded it may claim to be. Be wise and operate all equipment in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, and you should be safe. Facility Guru Austin, TX
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  • Dave mc
    AM type radios can modulate unprotected wiring that can induce spikes. FM type radios do not seem to have any effect. As indicated above most equipment used today is screened as is the comms cabling. If the screening is correctly installed you should not have any difficulties with either FM or AM radios or mobile phones AM or digital. But as noted above dont stand next to an open cabnet when you use it. Most problems occur with the environmental support equipment out side the computer room and I would suggest you not use AM radios or AM mobile phones in the UPS, Chiller or generator plant rooms or near power switchboards especially if they are open, Think turn off and start unexpectedly. AS indicated above most of the problems occurred in computer room on older equipment where long un screaned cable runs or iniffecting earthing /sreaning was used and AM radios were used. In you have a problem check you cable screening and the cabinet/server earthing David Mc
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  • IndyCouse
    All of these are good troubleshooting steps. I have a fairly new Dell computer that either goes into hibernation mode or shuts down when the user tries to use his two-way radio near his desk. I haven't spent enough time working on it since we tend to keep radio traffic down during games so I wonder if it is just the monitor turning off.
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  • EdChu001
    This is why it's prudent to design in hardlines in data centers and restrict wireless communucations within a server environment. You never know: - legacy equipment; - mutli-vendor environments; - cabled, cellular and wireless core systems in operation in the same space. In most designs I have made or encountered, there is always an accommodation made to provide local phone lines to all areas of the data center, either a wallphone (with a 25-foot cord) on a nearby wall, at the end of a row of cabinets or inside the first cabinet in a row. The phones are hard lined to its source (IDF or phone frame), are CORDED , not cordless (also prevents misplacement), and enabled for local calls (abuse is minimized since most techs can dial long distance via toll free numbers.). The use of walkie talkies in a data center would typically indicate the talker is an outsider/3rd party tech with needs to talk with a office remote from his location, and who cannot remove the equipment from the field easily (such as to his desk next door) and has to stand in front of the machine. These risk exposures (3rd party techs may not be sympathetic to other site eqt they do not service) are typically identified by data center design experts to clients and the above accommodations recommended. Remember, data centers aren't just a closet with servers. It should be treated like the specialized space it is and only allow trained personnel in there unescorted. It's similar to a bank vault - anyone can count money or unlock a box, but it's the treatment of the valuables that is important.
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