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Hello everybody. A few weeks ago I posted a question about Sql Tuning in Oracle, and I have been experimenting with optimizer hints and execution plans (all this in Sql Plus), but now, a doubt arises to me. Can I use the optimizer hints in Forms 6i (program units or triggers) ? Since they look like a comment (/*+ */), the compiler does not report errors, but I'm not sure if they are in fact being taken as an optimizer hint, or just as a comment. Can I be sure that the execution plan is the same as the one I see when running an explain plan from Sql Plus ? Can I be sure that the hints aren't being ignored ? Thanks in advance.

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It is important to remember the hint /*+ */ change the access form by database.

A- /*+ choose */
B- /*+ rule */ and others …

You can user hints in Forms 6i (Triggers, Program Units), Reports 6i (column forms, program units),
Packages, procedures and triggers of database normaly.
The hint is a important resource that you can use, but you can create index in your tables to improve the performance.

Normaly your database is default choose because oracle recomended . But remember this method
requery that run frequently statistcs.

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  • carlosdl
    Thanks for the reply. To be more specific, I'm using hints to tell Oracle which index to use in some SELECT statements. These queries look something like this : SELECT /*+ index (t1 idx_table1) index (t2 idx_table2) */ t1.col_1,t2.col_3 FROM table1 t1,table2 t2... ETC... My point is that I would like to know if FORMS sends the complete statement to the database or if it's omitting the text between /* and */, taking it as a comment. Regards,
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  • Setirobert
    Forms uses the hints you put in your select statements if you want to see them just flush your shared pool (Alter system flush shared_pool) run your form then check the sql area (select * from v$sqlarea) cheers
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  • Using optimizer hints in Forms (Q/A) | Seek The Sun Slowly
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