Using Different Operating Systems on one network.

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I’ve used many different networks from home networks to business networks. Today I heard something that I don’t believe it true but don’t know for sure. I was told that all P.C. connected to the same network has to have the same Operating System. Is this true? For anybody that knows. I’m retired now for 7 years, moved deep to the country and don’t have the social networking that I used to have, so don’t I have anybody to call and ask. Thanks for any assistance from anybody that can help with this issue. It turns out all networks that I’ve set up just happened to have the same O.S. so I’ve never really thought about it.

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Hey !!
I’d like to tell you that there is no problem to use Network (lan ,wan ,man etc.).on different machines with different Operating Systems ..
Because As you know in networking the data transferamation by packates.. and other thing, technically the networking concept is designed for platform independent …there are layers in process by that it is working….
So don’t worry …..

You can use by means you want……..


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Why the concern if you are retired.

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  • TheFinder
    Ok, Great, thank you.
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  • Labnuke99
    Many different OS's can use the same cabling system and network. If they need to communicate with each other, they use standard protocols like AppleTalk, IPX or TCP/IP. The internet is a prime example of multiple OS's sharing a network. There are linux hosts, unix hosts, windows hosts, mainframes, etc. on the global internet. Standards were built for communicating/data sharing across platforms.
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  • TheFinder
    Thanks man, This is what I thought but just wanted to be certain. again, thank you.
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  • HenryH
    BUT! it depends. There is an assumption that you will be using TCP/IP (& why wouldn't you). But if you have been retired for 7 years you will certainly remember Novel NOS (& some of the others). The incompatibilities between different OSs was why TCP/IP was developed.
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