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Hi, The following code is for a button in an embedded view.. User select documents and press this button, the entries will be copied as table and pasted into a "Body" field in a new document. It's work very well BUT I need to be pasted into the "Body" field at the current document not a new document. Is there anyone who can help me with this? I'll be very thankful. Regards, Rebecka Sub Click(Source As Button) Dim s As New NotesSession Dim uiw As New NotesUIWorkspace Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim myDoc As NotesDocument Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim myDB As New NotesDatabase( "serverName", "dbname.nsf" ) Dim rtItem As NotesRichTextItem Dim uName As NotesName Dim n As Integer On Error Resume Next Set db = s.CurrentDatabase Set dc = db.UnprocessedDocuments n = dc.Count Set doc = dc.GetFirstDocument Set myDoc = New NotesDocument(myDB) myDoc.Form = "myForm" Set rtItem = New NotesRichTextItem(myDoc, "Body") ' Body is a field in "myForm" that the table will be copied into 'Create table Dim styles(1 To 5) As NotesRichTextParagraphStyle For i% = 1 To 5 Set styles(i%) = s.CreateRichTextParagraphStyle styles(i%).LeftMargin = 0 styles(i%).FirstLineLeftMargin = 0 If i% = 1 Then styles(i%).RightMargin = RULER_ONE_CENTIMETER * 3 'Names Elseif i% = 2 Then styles(i%).RightMargin = RULER_ONE_CENTIMETER * 2.5 'status Elseif i% = 3 Then styles(i%).RightMargin = RULER_ONE_CENTIMETER * 4 'city Elseif i% = 4 Then styles(i%).RightMargin = RULER_ONE_CENTIMETER * 3 ' companyName Elseif i% = 5 Then styles(i%).RightMargin = RULER_ONE_CENTIMETER * 5 'Comments End If Next Call rtitem.AppendTable(n+1 ,5, , RULER_ONE_INCH, styles) 'Populate table column title Dim richStyle As NotesRichTextStyle Set richStyle = s.CreateRichTextStyle richStyle.FontSize = 8 richStyle.Bold = True Call rtitem.AppendStyle(richStyle) Dim rtnav As NotesRichTextNavigator Set rtnav = rtitem.CreateNavigator Call rtnav.FindNthElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL, 1) 'Names Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtitem.AppendText("Name") Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNthElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL, 2) 'status Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtitem.AppendText("Status") Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNthElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL, 3) 'city Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtitem.AppendText("City") Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNthElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL, 4) ' companyName Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtitem.AppendText("Company") Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNthElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL, 5) 'Comments Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtitem.AppendText("Comments") Call rtitem.EndInsert richStyle.Bold = False Call rtitem.AppendStyle(richStyle) 'Populate table contents For i%=1 To n Set doc = dc.GetNthDocument(i%) Call rtnav.FindNextElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL) Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Set uName = New NotesName(doc.dNames(0)) 'Names Call rtItem.AppendText(uName.Common) Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNextElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL) Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtItem.AppendText(doc.status(0)) 'status Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNextElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL) Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtItem.AppendText( 'city Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNextElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL)  Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtItem.AppendText(doc.companyName(0)) ' companyName Call rtitem.EndInsert Call rtnav.FindNextElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLECELL) Call rtitem.BeginInsert(rtnav) Call rtItem.AppendText(doc.comments(0)) 'Comments Call rtitem.EndInsert Next Call rtItem.AddNewLine(2) Call myDoc.ComputeWithForm(False, False) Call uiw.EditDocument(True, myDoc) End Sub

Software/Hardware used:
Lotus Notes 8.5 server & klient, windows xp

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Try this :

1) Declare your uidoc object in a public variable in Declaration of your form :
Public uidocPublic as NotesUIDocument
2) Initialise it in a “post open” event of your form :
Dim ws as New NotesUIWorkspace
Set uidocPublic = ws.currentDocument
3) In your button code :
Call uidocPublic.Refresh( True )
Set myDoc = uidocPublic.Document
Set rtItem = myDoc.GetFirstItem( “Body”)
And then you code to paste …

Tell me if it works or not :-\

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