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If users have bluetooth on their mobile devices and on their laptops, can we use their mobile devices to securely log them in to their laptops running Windows 7?

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Bluetooth is a wireless network technology defined by the IEEE 802.15 standard. Bluetooth devices can easily connect to each other. The Bluetooth standard specifies three Security Modes as ….
No Security, it can be allowed any other BT device to connect it. 2nd is Service Level Security, it supports authentication, encryption and last or 3rd is Link Level Security, it supports the same. Devices configured with 1st employs no security mechanisms. This type of connection should never be used to share sensitive information. 2nd one is the most flexible of the three and recommended.
And the 3rd one is the most secure but lacks the flexibility of 2nd one. All informations flowing between the devices is encrypted.
Remember, 2nd and 3rd security levels r implemented through a process known as pairing.
It is possible to do the same job, but choice is ur.


To directly answer your question – If you can pair them up, you can access your PC via SSH of RDP, if the remote device has applications for those type of connections.

We have a couple of iPad users (tyvm ITKE) that do that exact thing almost daily…

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  • Bitflung
    I think the current answer is missing the point of the question; rather than using bluetooth as a communication channel for opening a remote shell to your windows box, the question seems to me one of using bluetooth as an authentication mechanism for triggering the local windows shell login process. The logout process is easier to describe: In the logout example, a user sits at their desk using their PC; at some point they stand up and leave; when leaving they take with them their bluetooth enabled mobile device (cell phone, typically); when windows can no longer communicate with the mobile bluetooth device, a logout/lockscreen process is initiated. The original post asks how this process might be used to force a login process when the mobile device comes in range once again (or for the first time, potentially). I've used a product for several years on my mac which has a windows version available. through some 3rd party plugins a logout/lock feature is provided as i described above; as is a login/unlock feature as the original post requested. I cannot attest to the the functionality of the windows version of the software as i have only used this product on my mac. assuming the windows version works as well as the mac version, you will not be disappointed. The following link brings you to a list of plugins available for the product at the product's own website: best of luck to you, -jared
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