Users mapping a network drive to the iSeries getting disabled all too often

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What is the best way to map a network drive to an iSeries so that the user password does not have to match the PC password as it often gets disabled due to the user changing the network password when both IDs are the same?

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I think for most users it works best when you map the drive from iSeries Navigator.

Start iSeries Navigator
Open File Systems / File Shares
(If you do not see it you may not have the right iSeries Access components loaded)
(I typically do a Full install and let the user profile handle which components they can use)
Right click the Folder or Directory you want and select Map Network Drive
Enter your information (Including your User ID and Password) and click OK.
You should now be able to see this mapped drive in Windows.



The “best” way for your site can’t be determined from here.

With nothing else to go on, the best way is to remove all passwords and stop using them for authentication to your iSeries. Set up and use an EIM/SSO solution instead. The issue will disappear

The next best way is to keep the userids different between the two areas.


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  • Whatis23
    I would advise against a full install of iSeries Navigator as a default. The user or developer will have more access to components than they would from iSeries access for windows. As of June 09, IBM has yet to fix this loophole and we're on ptf SI32972. The rep stated that ptf SI35287 does not contain the fix.
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  • Voodoovw
    Michaels got a point there. We are not the norm here. As ERP developers and Support most users have more privilege than a normal user would.
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  • Lovemyi
    That is correct, we do not want the users to have to worry about mapping the drive. It is set up for them on their PC when they are granted access to certain directories for retrieving specific files from the application but they like all users have a tendency to forget that they need to sync their passwords up when they change the network passwords. Has anyone setup a special ID that the users use to map without an expiring password and then mapped a network share to his PC with a different ID and how did that work to keep the users from killing themselves when they forget to change the iSeries password for their ID? Lovemyi
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  • Voodoovw
    You may already have enough of Navigator installed to try mapping the drive like I suggested. Use a profile like you were saying were the password does not expire. When you map the drive they cannot see the password you type so you should be OK.
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  • WoodEngineer
    Our situation is very similar to yours, Lovemyi, especailly concerning passwords getting out of sync. We mitigated the problem by driving password change requirements on the i Series. By that I mean we let the i Series tell the user when a password must be changed - we are at 120 days right now. When a user changes their password the system runs an exit program which sends the user an e-mail reminding them to change their network password to keep it in sync with the i Series. We definitely noticed reduced support calls after putting this into place.
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  • Lovemyi
    Our corporate standard is only 60 days which means that the users have to change passwords even more often however when they only map to this iSeries machine for ODBC access only to the file shares this is normally off their radar so they forget to change the password on thie iSeries at the same time. What we really need to do is get to single signon but that is too big of a project that it does not get the attention it needs. May be in another couple of years. For now I just need to find a solution that satisfies the auditors and eliminates the weekly calls from the users. You know how application staff like to blame everything on the admin guys :-) Lovemyi
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  • TomLiotta
    Note that nothing in iSeries Navigator (nor iSeries Access itself) is required on any PC to create shares or to access them. See the GO NETS tool in QUSRTOOL for examples. Tom
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  • Teandy
    I was having this same problem, which is why I came up with a subprcedure to map a drive from green screen. See this thread for details:
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