Users can’t access website hosted offsite from inside network.

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Here is the configuration and then I will explain the problem: 1 Windows 2003 server DNS and DHCP running on sigle server. 10 Windows XP users Currently when the domain is setup using the name of the company which is also the domain name for their registered website i.e is doamin on their network. They host thier own mail exchange server, dns and dhcp on the same machine. DHCP is setup to provide the local domain server as the primary and the secondary is the DNS server IP provided by the ISP. Everything runs fine no problems...except when they try to access their website hosted offsite DNS does not resolve to the website offsite nor can the website be pinged internally. The only work around I have found is to switch the primary and secondary DNS servers and then they can access it however this create a major slowdown when logging on to the netwrok or accessing server resources as well as the users cannot connect to the internal exchange server, it continues to say trying to connect. The internal DNS is set to forward requests to the ISP provided DNS server but still they cannot get to the website. In other offices I consult for when I name the domain something other than the same name used for the web address there are no problems so I assume their is just some record I am missing in DNS to allow this url request to be forwarded out and resolved to the ISP doman. Does anyoe have some suggestions I can try to figure out what is going on? Thanks for your assistance. Adam

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  • Platypus
    One other possible solution is to load a HOSTS file containing the specific information you need the machine to see. That works well at my office for similar problems. David
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  • Dwiebesick
    DSchweinsburg is correct. The problem is you need a split DNS. The following will explain what a split DNS is and how to set one up. The solution of using an A record with the external IP address of your hosted site is the quick band-aid fix most technicians use. However, there are many reason that you might need to implement a true split DNS. You can google 'split dns' for the reasons. dwiebesick
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  • Ajmcgary73
    Thanks everyone, I added the A record and it appears to be working. I will look into the split dns and see what I need to do to implement that. It's truly great to have this resource. Adam
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