Use of ‘THRU’ in cobol ?

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i have 2 questions in cobol :

1) Suppose i have a para : 1000-process

Now while processing if i use : perform 1000-process thru 1000-exitand perform 1000-process .What will be the difference.

2) Suppose there is a cobol pgm named ABC .and in indentification division, i i give the name XYZ.Then i call the pgm ABC.It works.then what is the use of program-id.Why it is mandatory ?


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I haven’t used cobol in a few years, but I think if you just perform <b>1000-process </b> then when the logic flow hits the next sequential paragraph name after 1000-process, it will return to the original calling point.

If you perform <b>1000-process </b> thru <b>1000-exit </b>, then it will process any/all paragraphs before returning to the calling point. You must ensure that the logic flow eventually gets to the <b>1000-exit </b> paragraph, otherwise, you will have lost control of the application logic (perform loop without a return condition).

I can’t provide an absolute answer to your second question except I think that the use of the program id has lost some of its relevence (from the original cobol language specification) and is more a convention, rather than fact. It’s good programming practice to have the same name in the progam-id field as well as the source file name.

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  • TomLiotta
    I generally avoid using THRU. If a series of paragraphs is to be executed, it is rare that they would ever be executed separately. So, use a SECTION header before each group of paragraphs, the PERFORM the SECTION instead of the paragraphs. A SECTION header will cause all of the paragraphs within that section to be recognized as a related group. If there is ever a need to execute the paragraphs individually or to execute a subset of the section, you can still name the paragraphs in the PERFORM statement or specify the beginning and end with THRU. You can use section or paragraph names with THRU if you wish. When you specify a section name, the entire SECTION is executed. The PROGRAM ID is a COBOL standard. In the AS/400 line (and probably with many other COBOL compilers), you are allowed to override the PROGRAM ID name at compile-time. Some compilers might not implement the same standard. Tom
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