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i have been loking for a way to activate/ deactivate a particular USB port on a Win2k or higher system, preferably WinXP, i have explored various options, such as software, hardware, and simple system configurations. i would like it to be, not a ctrl-Alt- hotkey, but a extra key built into a "hotkey keyboard", for single button convenience. Of course either way is ok, Any ideas or suggestions?

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Answer in three parts –
1 – script a macro to disable the specified USB port. For XP and 2000 use the WMI access. Script a macro to ‘enable’ that USB port. Write third macro that checks for on/off and runs the appropriate script to ‘toggle’ the port.
2 – Use any keyboard that is ‘internet/media player’ ready. All that I have seen use macros driven by a dedicated key – and more important come with editors to replace their macro with yours.
3 – most important TEST- TEST- TEST before using in a production environment.
Good luck.

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  • DrillO
    This may sound dumb, but I am wondering why you want to do this. Just curious as I have never thought of this before. I would be interested to know. Paul
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  • Poppaman2
    While Howard suggests a (very) viable solution, there are also other alternatives: 1. Disable USB in BIOS: Of course, re-activating it would require entering the system setup/BIOS settings, and so would not be subject to the "hotkey" activation/deactivation you are looking for... 2. Set up two hardware profiles and switch between them if/as required (this could be scripted and assig=ned to a key/key combination) 3. Disable USB by policy and set only user level rights for those users whom you do NOT want to access the USB ports. A script can then be written which will re-activate the ports for a given login or for a given period of time, with the ports inaccessible upon restart or log off/log on. 4. Physically remove the connectors from the system board (if possible...) As the other Paul asks, what's your reason or purpose here?
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